I created this page as a place that I can put all the things I love using in studying God's Word, learning more from other teachers and believers, and study guides that have helped me grow in my walk with Christ. My goal for this page is to help you in your walk in learning grace in motherhood but also to equip you to learn it based upon the gospel! I hope that they help you in your walk of life that you are in right now. 

This is a list of some of my favorite podcasts that I tune into:

1. Risen Motherhood - A podcast that provides Gospel Hope for Moms

2. God-Centered Mom A podcast/blog that lets you freely admit you are not perfect but points and gives guidance in a weekly podcast on learning to be God Centered in Motherhood and Life

3. At Home with Sally Clarkson - A podcast/blog from a mother who has much wisdom and has already walked through the younger years.

4. The Focused 15 Podcast with Chris & Katie Orr - This podcast is full of Bible study tools and resources that husband and wife team Chris and Katie Orr do together. 

1. She Reads Truth - This app or webpage is a great place to start in free Bible Studies or even download some at a cheap cost. If you're more of a book person they also have books you can order and write in.

2. IF: Equip - IF: Gathering, has launched its own equip Bible Studies app that is also great. You can choose which study you want to do on the app or follow along on the website itself. It also has a sign-up where they will deliver to your email a daily devotional for the Bible Study they are currently walking through. 

3. Proverbs31: First 5 - Proverbs 31 ministries also have its own app for Bible Studies or a webpage that you can join in with a community of women and study a certain topic or book of the Bible together.

4. Titus 2 - This is a free online Bible Study that was written by my dear friend Heather Riley and me, to encourage us as women to be like Titus 2 women. (you can sign up to receive this free e-devotional here).

1. The Gospel Coalition/Word Filled Women Ministry -This is a great workshop, it's not a free resource but so worth the investment. If you can't afford this program, I walk you through what I learned in my Dig Deeper Series 

2. Well Watered Women - The Well section of Well Watered Women company has some great resources and ideas for how to start to dig into the Bible. In this link, it gives you more specific resources/blogs to help you study Scripture that I have used. 

3. Risen Motherhood- The girls over on Risen Motherhood use the Abide Method and also this link will take you do their page that walks you through this Bible Study tool and also has free printable downloads for your use. 

4. Focused 15 with Katie Orr - The focused 15 method is also a great tool to use in the study of the Bible. If you are busy and only have about 15 minutes to dig deeper into the Word, this Bible Studies teach you the Focused 15 method and how to then apply it for yourself. You can purchase one of my favorites Everyday Obedience Focused 15 here.

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