The Mountain View & the Battle

I had a vision a couple days ago, and it was broken into two parts over two days. I believe He was giving me time to process each, but each one I felt there was an action to be had after each one. So I wanted to share them that way and share what I felt He was speaking after. 

Part 1 of the Vision:

I was on a mountain and I saw a field of people and a battlefield that was in the valley. I was not alone, the Lord was with me and he told me to look, then said what do you see from here?

Immediately, to the far right of the field, I saw a small battle being fought. The battle had a huge cloud of smoke around it. I said Lord what is that and I heard him respond "that is the fight for the coronavirus notice all the attention but look again, what do you see over to the left." I turned and looked over To the left and I saw what looked like a stronger army attacking and trying to make its way toward the mountain that I was standing on with God. I started to look around. I remember asking Lord where are the warriors for this battle. He responded there are fewer because many have been distracted by the other battle. I immediately began to weep and cry. Then I heard Him say to me, NOW draw your bow and fight with your words that I tell you to speak.

I believe strongly that He wanted me to see two things:

1. Although the coronavirus is very real ( and there is a lot of sadness and pain that has come with it) it is only a smokescreen/small portion of what is really happening in the spiritual battlefield that I saw. 

2.  What we see and speak is important in this hour. After I had the vision I felt like the Lord took me to these verses. 

“You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”
Deuteronomy 6:9 ESV

“You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates,”
Deuteronomy 11:20 ESV

“My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you; keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye; bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.”
Proverbs 7:1-3 ESV

I believe that in this hour, we are being called to write down what we hear and see, and what the Lord is telling us to declare and speak over the land. I think that it is important at this time, that whatever He is telling you that you should be writing it down, and declaring it out loud audibly. I wrote down and actually taped what He was speaking to me for the land, nations, virus, etc. on my window in the room that I wage war in so to speak. In the next few days and this upcoming holy week, I believe intercession and prayer will play a powerful role in what we see happen. He also took me to Ezekial 25 (In these verses you see Ezekial prophesying to the cities and those nations) - I believe He was showing me how important that the role of declaration/prophesying/speaking what he says will play in these days. 

Part 2 of the Dream:

The Lord took me back to part 1 of my first vision, the next afternoon, back on the mountain where he had told me to raise my bow and fight with the words He told me to speak. As I raised my bow the enemy army fastly approached, they were strong and large in number, as they approached the few warriors that I saw were decreeing and firing the bows the Lord had given them. 

As they did, the arrows seem to multiple and the sound got louder, I began to look closer and as I did arrows came out of caves at the bases of the mountains where the enemy marched. The closer to the caves they got the more they were taken down and the louder the noise got. I said Lord, what and who are they? He said, "It is the ones who I have been preparing in the wilderness - I have given them a voice to speak and it is strong. They will be part of the victory for this season!"

 As I watched I saw the enemy defeated, some ran in defeat but many were conquered. As the battle drew to an end I immediacy saw the earth under them part and the ones on the ground and the ones who ran in defeated were swallowed up. The enemy started to retreat from all the battles on the field and immediately the smoke around the smaller battle cleared. 

As it cleared, I remember the light that shown was so bright. I then heard the Father's voice say do you see it? 

Even from the mountain, it was hard to see at first but in the distance, there was a multitude of people many crawling and limping. I immediately knew in my spirit these were the ones in chains during the battle - the ones that we're prisoners of the war, they were returning. Many who had only known the darkness followed the way to the light.

I then heard the Lord say this is the harvest that is coming in, then he said now is the season I will give to you and you will now prepare them, for the enemy will come back.

I believe that part two of this vision confirms many things:

1. First, there have been many in the wilderness season, including myself and now is the time to release your voice. No matter what has silenced you,  heaven is open and the Lord is saying now my daughter/son release what I have spoken to you. You will play a huge part in this next battle and preparing the harvest that is coming. 

2. I believe that the enemy's defeat and the fact they were swallowed up shows that the Lord is about to expose evil deeds of the unrighteous who have not turned and repented and that they will be exposed in the days/weeks ahead but that these also are strongholds that have held this nation captive for far too long and the Lord is saying enough! He also took me to Psalm 82 (I highly encourage you to go read it). 

3. We will have victory! Because God is seated on His throne, we have to remember we fight from Victory because of our Father and the power of Jesus' blood. We have an inheritance/dominion and authority - we must keep our eyes on heaven in this hour. 

4. There is a harvest coming and I believe so strongly that the Lord is preparing his church right now as I write these words to be ready to take the harvest. I kept hearing Him say prepare for it. We should be listening, being lead by the Spirit (Romans 8:13-14), and being willing to see things in a new perspective and light because He is teaching us to see with kingdom mindset and vision (hence 2020 vision). 

5. I believe that prodigal kids play a huge role in this harvest and those that were raised in darkness will be a large portion of this harvest. 

6. A call to action!! I highly encourage you to ask the Lord what He wants you to prepare for in this hour and in the days ahead. Where is He calling you to take action? 

I believe for many it is remembering what this week (Passover, Good Friday, & Easter) truly means and taking your family through the story of Israelites leaving the land of Egypt, and how it points to the redemption story of our Lord Jesus conquering death and rising again in victory to bring us into an inheritance, into a communion with Him. I also believe that taking communion as a family is a powerful weapon right now! 

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