Just Keep Praying. Just Keep Praying (and Drink Coffee)

We’re in a busy season of life as women raising these beautiful tiny humans, aren’t we? We’re up at night with the tiniest of them all, shuffling everyone and everything for school drop off and pick up, driving to and from extra-curricular activities, helping with homework, coordinating errands with nap times, refereeing sibling disagreements, trying to find ANY summer activity that will keep them entertained and so on. How do we make it all happen? Sure, we may be blessed with the hands-on and helpful dad and/or the tribe of people that surround us, but what is the driving force behind all of it?

No, it’s not only coffee. Prayer ladies! How beautiful that in Psalm 116: 1-2 we read that the Lord hears our prayers and answers them and that He bends down and listens. Let’s not forget how available He is to us through a simple prayer of petition. Ephesians 6: 10-18 tells us twice to put on the full armor of God. Prayer does that just that – covers us with His grace and love. So, what are we doing before the day starts? What are we doing in-between? What are we doing at night when it’s all wrapping up? Are we praying without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)? Philippians 4:6 tells us in everything by prayer and supplication (to plead humbly) with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
So, if we wake up overwhelmed at the day ahead of us, let’s pray (and brew ourselves some coffee). If in the middle of the day we’re low on energy, let’s pray (and brew ourselves some more coffee). And at night when we’re wondering how we even did it all, let’s pray (and treat ourselves to a bubble bath). We are moms who need the right kind of fuel to make our days run efficiently so just keep praying, ladies. Just keep praying (and drink a lot of coffee).
Stephanie Builes is a guest contributor and friend of at Learning Grace Thru Motherhood. You can find more of her writing over on Tiny Bits of Everything website.
Bio: A few years ago I began to take in, appreciate, and value all of the roles in my life and what each of those entails. What are those? I am a believer in Jesus Christ who is thankful for His unending grace, a wife to the love of my life, a stay at home mom to 3 sweet kids, an only child to amazing parents, a friend to some pretty special people, and most recently a Coach with Beachbody! In an effort to share these life roles I felt led to write! Each role has come with a little here and a little there of different kinds of experiences, thoughts, opinions, and lessons learned (those aren’t always fun, eh?) Each of these vary from being serious, light-hearted, fun, and some pretty boring (haha), but all very real. You see, our lives are made up of a ton of tiny moments that make up a GREAT story, ours!
You can follow Stephanie over on Instagram @stephbuiles or check out her website: www.tinybitsofeverything.com.

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