New Year, New You - Right?

Happy New Year! Hello 2018.

Is it just me our do the years seem to fly by faster and faster. I thought we just had summer now we have celebrated Christmas and New Year's Day.  I hope that 2017 treated you well but I know that for many that isn't the case.

Ringing in the New Year for many can be exciting and encouraging while for others it can be disappointing. Exciting for those who set goals and met them the previous year but disappointing for those of us who look back and see that we didn't really cross many of them off our list. So what if we looked at things a little differently?

I am all about setting goals, but I'm also one who doesn't really plan that far ahead. You see I'm the person that drives the type-A, goal setting, year ahead planners crazy. I like to take one day at a time with many things, but I also believe that some planning is essential, yet it shouldn't be held on so tightly to that plans can't change and last minute decisions or turns can't be added.

You see what if instead of all the goal setting, we actually made realistic ones. Ones that instead of changing our outward appearance and other lofty goals, instead turned inwards at our souls and hearts. Doesn't anyone else find it crazy that depression and anxiety are at the highest it has ever been in adults and now in kids. What if we started focusing inward and looking at focusing in on what the cause of these are?  Yes, I know that many deal with hormonal imbalances, and many have true neurotransmitters medical issues, etc. I am in the medical field.

I'm not talking about that I'm talking more about the inward stuff like contentment, patience, joy, and self-control. Maybe these are ringing a bell now? Have you actually every thought about them.

The anxiety you have over not getting something? Or the fear and anxiety you get from not being able to control an outcome? What about the increase in your heart you get when your kids are clearly not following the path that you would like them to? Do you lose sleep over the fact that your house or your home isn't up to the standards you want it to be?

What if this year, we took a different approach to our new years goals and started focusing on the things that we are truly struggling with spiritually. I am by all means not saying that reading the Bible in a year isn't a great goal, but what if we instead turned that focus on areas that we are truly struggling and wrestling with daily in our hearts and minds. Trust me, I have been here and often go there, the battle that wages in my head of am I messing my kids up, what if I'm not doing enough, what if I did things this way, why isn't their attitudes changing, etc.

This year and these last weeks, I feel like I'm have felt convicted to instead address the things that I need help with spiritually with my heart and soul. Like, letting go of some of the things that I can't control and entrusting them into the only hands who control everything. Knowing that God controls everything in heaven and on earth, from the wind and the seas, to the leaders who lead, and everything in between. You see what if instead we focused on the specific areas in our life that we don't fully trust Him with. For example, control and contentment, would be mine, and instead put together a battle plan to attack these areas with the Word of truth in place, the Holy Spirit leading, and the power of prayer. Yet, always being open to change the area of attack based upon things that are thrown are way at that specific point in time.

Could you imagine, a group of God's people fighting battle that way. Battle - what? Yes, I said battle, because so often we get so cozy and comfortable that we have forgotten we are constantly in battle. So the contentment issues, control issues, sleepless nights are all part of a plan my dear friend of the cunning schemes of the evil one to keep us away from the truth of God's word.

So will you join me this year, in changing your goals instead to battle plans to go after and attack the areas that we are truly struggling with.

I truly believe, that when we realize our own struggles and entrust them over to the One who created us is one of the biggest downfalls for the evil one. You see he doesn't want us to see ourselves as weak. The devil wants us to believe that we can do everything. Can you imagine the power of God's people when we overcome the temptation of the devil and fight for truth. My prayer is that it would then ensue into a revival of God's people standing up in prayer together and fighting for truth to be revealed and break through the walls that have been up so long.

I pray that you have the courage to join me this year in putting battle plans into action, but I want to warn you to be prepared for things that you did not expect. I have seen and know first hand that when God's people are in action, that the devil does everything within his power to bring their focus away from Christ. So I pray that we would stand firm under any fiery darts and trials that come our way, and that we would be able to see a change that re-ignites our hearts again!

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