Are you Stuck in the Shaming Game??

You know those moments in parenting, where you just feel shame?

It could be something in your past that your holding on to and bringing to the table in your parenting. Or maybe it’s the shame you have felt by another person for making you feel like your the worse parent or mom ever. Or maybe just the little lies that the devil whispers in your ear over and over again, leaving you feeling guilty and condemned.

I am not gonna lie,I struggle with this. I have brought past regressions and sins into my parenting. I have walked away feeling like the worse mom ever after talking to another parent. And I also struggle with listening to the lies that I’m not worthy enough, or good enough to be a parent who shows love and grace. I also listen to the lie that I will always screw things up, or I won’t do something right.

You see this is a constant battle that I face and I know many of you do too. We listen to these false voices in our heads and forget what we have in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:2 tells us that we have been “set free in Jesus Christ, from the law of sin and death.” We are no longer slaves to the former things of our old self, but we have being made new. We we are then called to put on the new self that is being renewed in the knowledge of Christ according to Colossians 3:10.

So what does this mean for us? 

It means friend that we are set free from our shaming game! We are a work in progress, God is making all things new and right.

This does not mean that we will live out perfect lives, or be perfect parents - nope! It means that our kids will see our mistakes, they will see flaws in us, we will yell and lose our temper, we will probably even make bad decisions at times but what a great way to show them Christ.

How you might ask?

Because of the good news my dear friends, “we have been given grace upon grace” according to John 1:16.

You see, since we have been given grace by Christ, it’s time to give ourselves some grace. Our kids need to understand the good news of the gospel. What better way then to walk it out in front of them in our daily lives. 
When we mess up, loss our temper, raise our voice, or maybe even make a wrong choice or decision, we can show them to humbly ask someone for forgiveness. In the same process it gives us the opportunity to teach the gospel to our kids. Letting them see that we too are in need of grace, but yet God in his great love for us sent his only Son to come down to earth, to save and redeem His children. Rescuing us from being slaves to our sin and giving us instead freedom that is found only in Him!!!

Amen to that my sisters!

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