Week 2 - Dig Deeper Series (structure)

Welcome back to week 2 of the dig deeper series. How did week one go? Are you frustrated or were you able to wiggle your way into the Word and feel a little more comfortable.

If you are frustrated, can I just encourage you to keep going. I know that it seems like you need a degree to study the Bible, so often times we can close it up and just walk away from digging into the Word. But, I think that is exactly what the Devil wants us to do. You see if we give in to the "its too hard" and "I don't understand" we let the devil slowly grab a foothold. My prayer is that you continue along with us and that you fight the temptation to close up your Bible. Let's fight that temptation together by continuing forward in our series.

This week the tool we will use to look closer at the book of Ruth is  - structure.

Mary Wilson & Kathleen Neilson, from the Word Filled Women ministry, defined structure this way. Structure is the shape of a book or passage from the beginning to the end. So, why is structure important? I asked this same question and these were some of the answers I was given in return. Structure is an important tool in helping us to discern the bones of the book and to better understand what God is saying. It helps us focus in on repeated words, connecting words like but, therefore, since, etc.; and also helps us to see commands and other patterns of speech. Another importance of structure, is the understanding of the plot and characters involved in the book you are reading.

Sounds scary? I promise it is not. I picked Ruth for several reasons, one because you will easily be able to pick up on the tools I am teaching you and be able to apply them to this book.

So this week, I want us to work on learning structure - focusing on the book of Ruth. Your homework:

 1. Divide Ruth up into main parts. And write a brief reason of why you think it should be broken into these sections. (Remember we are all learning and no two answers will be exactly alike but many will be similar). 

2.  Secondly, focus on each of the 4 chapters of Ruth and break it down into main parts (this might over cross from your division of the whole book). How would you do this individually for each chapter?

Keep checking in on our Facebook group over at Learning Grace Thru Motherhood page. I will go live at some point during this week but I also want us to share the structures we come up with so that everyone can see what each individuals looks like. Some people will do outlines, pictures, etc and that is totally okay, I want you to do what is easiest for you to understand. I will also be sharing mine with you all!

Come join me this week in the discussion. Hope to see you and hear from you!

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