Dig Deeper Series - Week 3 (Main Themes)

This week the tool we will look at to study the Scriptures is very simple, that we will be working on.

The tool we will be using today, is main themes. You will see something similar in the next couple weeks but for now I want us to focus just on main themes for the verses or passages we are reading. 
Looking for a main theme I believe is simple because after you have read this text over and over you should be seeing some words that pop out over and over to you. I'm not saying ever passage is easy to locate a main theme but if you narrow down your verses or passage and find multiple themes within each you will start to see one that surfaces through the course of the passages and book you are reading.

When looking for a main theme, I want you to write down words that you see used over and over again. Maybe its a phrase you see repeated within the text, or maybe characters and there actions. Looking for these can help one narrow down main themes for the passage they are reading and in our study, you can use it to narrow down main themes for each chapter of Ruth.

So lets get to work.

Reading & Homework

Since we are using the tool over a course of a week. Maybe take 1 day for each chapter of Ruth since there are 4 chapters. They are also short so this should help. Then write down what you see.

In chapter 1 of Ruth, are there certain words that stick out to you? Is there a word that changes over the course of this chapter ( I will point this out this weekend via live video but see if you can find it)? Write down phrases or events that happen that stick out to you in this chapter as well.

Chapter 2 of Ruth, we see a change of scenery. What words of phrases stick out over and over in this chapter and passage of verses? Is there a specific act that you see talked about over and over?

Chapter 3 of Ruth, what do you see here? Anything you don't understand - if so write it down? Any repeated words? Any phrases or acts that stand out?

Chapter 4, tell me what you see - write down repeated words, phrases? Or any topics you see that seem to be the main theme for this passage?

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