Which team are you on?

In life we stand and face off  in many seasons and through many obstacles. There are seasons though were we are called to stand firm and dig our feet in. We are called to prepare for a spiritual battle and yet so many of us don't understand or even know what hit us?

Oh friends, there is a spiritual battle waging war for our souls. The evil one wanders around looking for those who he can make falter in their faith - that is his biggest goal. He wants us to throw the towel in, so to speak, when the seasons of life bring too much pain and suffering. The sleeplessness, the sorrow, the sadness, loneliness, brokenness, or the fear that grips us, these are the tactics he uses to paralyze us and to try to lead us away form the one who is in control of everything.

In Colossians 1, Paul tells us that our God and Father "is in all" and "above all things," whether in heaven or on this earth. He alone holds all things together.

Friends, he has overcame death to bring us life. He loves each one of us so much, He sent his only Son to be sacrificed on our behalf. This alone should leave you feeling worthy and loved. you have a Father who overcame death to defeat sin and be able to give us a chance to be called heirs to the throne of God. Y'all who wouldn't want this?

The evil one wants us to not see Him for who He is.  He wants us to be lost in our own sufferings and think that God is cruel and unkind but the opposite is true. You see the devil is the father of lies, and many of us fall prey to his cunning tricks and lies.

Friends, today I want to remind you that you are loved. You have a Holy Father that loves you no matter what you have done and He wants you to see Him. He wants you to know He loves you, and has forgiven you of everything. His arms are always open - so run to them.

One day friends, He will come again to claim this earth and His creation, casting out the devil and his demons from it. He will overcome the evil one and He will have the ultimate victory! So dear friend, which side do you want to be on?

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