Facing the Fear of Rejection


That word haunts many of us. It can follow us from our younger years and into adulthood. The wounds that rejection leave behind are hard to repair and often cause us to build up defensive walls in our relationships. Have you every faced this before? The constant fear of what people will think of me, or the fear of what if's when meeting someone new. Maybe you have been the victim of rejection over and over again, because you are different then the supposed "in" crowd. Or maybe you felt the hard blow of rejection from a parent growing up, that has now left you navigating your way through life much different in regards to building up relationships with someone.

Many of us have faced this in some form or another. Yet, many of us keep the wounds buried down deep. We pretend to play it off, or act like we have thick skin, that it doesn't bother us but deep down we are hurting. I have seen rejection build up into bitterness, and I have seen it tear apart friendships, relationships, and marriages because of the wounds that it leaves behind. I have experienced the pain that boils up inside you when you feel like you are being rejected. The distaste in your mouth, the crushing pain in your heart, and the small little lie that says "no one will ever love you" or "you aren't pretty or skinny enough to be loved".

This false notions and lies that rejection leave behind are ones that I have learned are straight-up lies from the king of lies. You see he is cunning, and clever. He uses are biggest fears and struggles to grab hold of us and turn us away from the one who has never rejected us, has never forgotten us, and who loves us amid our our flaws, bitterness, looks, and the scars we hid.

I have also seen this lie, sweep through churches and women within the body of Christ. And honestly, I think at times the church can be plagued with this. Since, when did we forget that we are called to love another, no matter our differences. There is no "in" crowd, there is no "out" crowd within God's body.  Yet, so often though this is the case within our churches and communities. Why is it, that we as believers are often the ones to put the scarlet letter, so to speak on so many people. This is not the way that Jesus acted on earth. He opened with welcome arms the outcasts, sinners, and those different then Him and embraced them. He dined with them, he healed them, he spoke to them as if they were loved. So why is it that we are missing this within our own church walls and women's ministries?

I want you to hear me. I want you to see truth today, if you are one who struggles with rejection. There is one who has never rejected you. In fact, he created you in his image and knows everything about you. He knows how many hairs on your head, he knows your deepest thoughts, and secrets. He also sees your wounds and the scars left behind from being rejected or shunned. You see He loves us no matter what we look like. Christ's arms are always open to anyone who comes to Him. It is time for you to recognize the wounds and scars and to face your fear.  Yes, you will still face those who might reject you or not embrace you, but it is time to fight the lies that "we aren't good enough, or pretty enough, or skinny enough, etc" and to fight it with truth.

What if because of your rejection, you started to open your eyes to those who are rejected too. Or to those who have past wounds from rejection by opening up and sharing your wounds. Would it be possible then that if we recognized one another, that we could also fight the lies together, that we are beloved and wanted by our Holy Father.

Oh dearest friends, may today we learn to fight for truth. May we learn to stand up for those who feel lost, and hidden. Let us be sisters and friends who welcome with open arms those who are different then us and who might not belong in the "in" crowd. To you friends, who struggle with fear of rejection, who have deep wounds that need healed, I pray that you open your wounds to the one who loves you no matter what. He is close to the broken -hearted and he wants you to draw near to Him too.

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