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As promised - I have put together some helpful tools and resources to help you dig deeper into the word. Also, I created some printables for you to frame or put around your home in places that help encourage and speak truth about learning and meditating on the Word.

Helpful Tools in Learning to Study the Bible

If you are new to studying the Bible or a new believer, I would encourage you to actually purchase a printed Bible. I mean the bible app is great but there is something about opening the pages of God's Word, and writing what a verse means to you, or highlighting verses that stand out. It helps you look back to see the promises He has given us and the prayers, truths, and words He has pointed out to you.

So first thing first, you need a Bible. I use ESV version because that is what our church uses and it helps me follow along better. But I also like the NIV and ASV versions (but honestly it really is what you like).

Secondly, go and purchase a journal. Trust me I was never a journal type of girl but it helps to be able to have a place to write down the verses you are studying and the things you learn from them. It is also a wonderful place to jot down your prayers. I have bought journals all over the place and even used composition books, so please don't feel like you need to spend a fortune to get a pretty journal (like many of the Instagram pictures capture).

I also have on a hand a set of pens and bible highlighters. My favorite pens are made Micron. You can get them on amazon or at Michael's with and use a coupon (stick with whatever one you can get a deal on).  I have used a variety of highlighters for my Bible but my favorite are the ones that don't bleed through the pages and are more pen-like. Accu-gel bible highlighters are great and can be found on Amazon.

Helpful Resources

In the beginning of learning to study the Bible or even read it, I often felt confused and lost on where to start or how to dig deeper. There were many years where all I did was read through the Bible or do a Bible plan and then the next day could never remember what I read or how to apply it.

This lead me frustrated and not wanting to have my quiet times and dig deeper because it felt like I needed a theology degree to actually understand the Bible at times. Well dear sister, I still have never attended theology school and have never taken any classes but what I have done is come across some amazing resources that taught me how to dig deeper into the Word in my limited time that I had.

Katie Orr's focus method is my favorite method that I have read about and actually still can use without her walking me through it. I would encourage you to pick up one of her Focused 15 books that she has out and study her focus method. I actually went through two of them before I started to get the hang of it. Her study books are found anywhere books are sold (I just love amazon).

To give you a little run down of her method, she uses the acronym F-O-C-U-S to study a section of verses. This method helps to slow down and actually understand the verses you are reading. She encourages you to start with a small amount of verses depending on the book you are reading in the Bible.  As a mother, this has helped me not feel frustrated with the short time that I usually have uninterrupted in doing my devotions and taught me the most.

F - stands for foundation, giving you time to slow down and focus on the verses you read that day
O - Observation, what commands, truths, repeated words, etc stick out in these verses
C - Clarification- Katie teaches you to uses helpful tools such as commentaries, dictionaries to look up words that stick out or questions about the text you are reading
U - Utilization, this is usually a cross reference or study bible
S - Summary, this is where you write down in your words what the verses are saying, and how it applies to you.

Each letter, is one day. So you can spend a week digging into just a small section of the Bible. This helps you become familiar with it and break it down more. It based on the thought that you as a mother probably only have 15  minutes to spend and she wants every mom to get the most out of the Word. If you have more time then that's even better.

Another great resource that I have found is my blue letter bible app. It has everything from commentaries, dictionaries of the Greek and Hebrew words, and so much more. And its free which means I don't need to go purchase a library of commentaries to study in the morning.

These are the tools that I use to study the Bible. I hope that you take advantage and learn the Focus method or even feel encouraged that you won't need a theology degree to study God's Word. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or comment below and I would love to help point you in the right direction and if I can't find someone who can.

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