Learning to Walk by Faith

There are times in our lives where we feel like there are so many obstacles we need to tackle that we become anxious, fearful, and easily angered - have you had something like that? The idea of moving? Sick kids nonstop? A health problem? Or maybe even a difficult situation that you have been called to walk through.

Lately, my closest friends and I have seen this firsthand. We have walked through some tough moments this season - together because that is what we are called do to as sisters. To stand by one another, to encourage one another, to point them to Scripture when one is doubting or struggling with temptation.

There have been circumstances in each one of our lives where all we have had strength for is to lean in to Jesus and have faith that it is in His hands.

Faith, like Peter in Matthew 14:29, when he first stood up and climbed out of the boat onto the water. Faith that is unwavering. The kind of faith the centurion had in Matthew 8:5-13, to ask Jesus to heal his servant who was suffering. This Roman soldier knew that Jesus only had to say the word, that it required no act of touch but that Jesus who had authority of heaven and earth could just speak and his servant would be healed.

Today, we live in a world that is so clouded by the idea that "we" just need to do more. There are countless self help books, books on mediation, different books on journeying for inner peace. Why? Because our souls are lost and restless. Always looking and searching for something that is missing - often times all it requires is a little faith. Faith to accept the unknown, faith to accept what currently is not culturally accepted. What you might ask? Well it's simple, we all need Jesus.

Our hearts and souls long for a relationship with him because that is what we were created for.

So where does faith come in? Well if you are a believer or not often times we get caught up in thinking that we are in control. Yet, as a believer we know that ultimately God is in control of everything.

As heirs of the throne, we forget the one thing we have been called to do. Trust in Him. Our faith is in Christ alone. Do not waver from that.

If you are walking through the impossible, have faith that God will meet you there. That He will lead you. Or maybe he placed a dream on your heart - yet it seems like there is no way that it will happen. Keep waiting.  Have faith that in his time, He will make it happen. Even if you don't have anything you feel going on right now, learning to trust God in the everyday can be hard too.

We try to control our circumstances, our kids, our husbands, our own bodies, or our work environment, yet God has asked us simply to believe. Believe that He is with us and will never leave us and that He is in and above all things, because of His Great love for us.

So today, if you are struggling or doubting that you just can't to this another day. If you are searching and longing for your soul to have peace and rest. Or maybe you have been on a journey looking for inner peace. Well today, dear friend and fellow mother, I ask that if you haven't found the answers anywhere else that you instead look up to my Dad.

You see my Dad, He is mighty and strong. He can hold you up when you just feel like you can't do anything else. He is mighty to save. To save us from the inevitable day of judgement we will all face and to give us eternal life. His peace that He gives to you - well it is better than any self help book or any mediation or journey that you think you need to go on. Your soul will find complete rest in Him. His love, well it is unfathomable, no matter what you have done or will do, His arms are open wide for you to run into. He loves you and wants you to hear him. My prayer today is that you have faith to hear him and run to Him.

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