How do you walk through fear?

Have you had to walk your kids through fear?

For us, we are walking through that with our oldest right now. He is fearful of things that he wasn't before. Especially, in the evening time. It varies the fears, but the biggest one the last month or so has been bedtime. He doesn't want to be left alone and once he is asleep, he is waking up between 3-5 in the morning and coming into our room.

It is hard to walk your kids through this and watch them be fearful especially of stuff that really isn't there but just the fact that they are realizing things that they didn't before. We have been working on helping Toby to remember that God is with him and watching over us. As well, as going over verses with him on remember truths about God.

The reason I bring up this topic, is because as I was talking with Toby the other night I had an epiphany, how often am I anxious or worried about things and yet allow myself to get worked up. Isn't it amazing the way we often learn from our own kids, right when you think your teaching them something profound (ha), the Father uses that moment to actually grip your attention as well.

As a mother, I often worry about things with my kids. From will they get hurt, to am I teaching them enough and will I completely mess this mothering thing up. I also have my own fears that I struggle with. My own anxiety that I constantly battle and keep falling prey to by listening to the lies that I'm fed.

What if we at times actually listened to our own voice and advice that we give to our kids. If we are to practice what we preach maybe I should admit my own fears as well and actually walk it out with my son. Both of us conquering our fears together with the help of Christ.

With this in mind, well actually Toby's fears in mind. I started to study Joshua. I mean what other book mentions "be strong and courageous" as often as this book. As I started digging in, the first couple verses alone, the command "be strong and courageous" and then the truth "I will be with you" are spoken to Joshua by God multiple times. You see Joshua was given a huge task to take. He was the one to lead God's people after Moses died. The Lord spoke to him and basically told him, "arise" and take the people of Israel into their Promised Land. I mean that sounds easy and all because we know the end story. Think though for a second, Joshua would be leading the people into battle and into unknown land and they would also face their enemies. I couldn't imagine being told to get up and lead thousands of people into a land, knowing that we would have to face enemies and do battle with them in order to claim the land. Honestly, I probably would be shaking in my boots. And to top it off, the Lord tells him that he will be with him unless the people or him deviate away from the law that he gave them. Seems easy right? Except, that the people he is leading, are the same Israelites who often were caught disobeying, doing their own thing, grumbling and complaining that the Lord wasn't with them.

So you see Joshua had a huge role and shoes to fill. The Lord seems to be reminding Him that he has to be strong and courageous in order to get the job done.

How often though do I forget the Lord is with me in the task that I have been called. I'm not leading a whole nation into new territory. I'm called to point my kids to Christ & as a believer I'm called to obey, listen and to follow His commands and where he leads me. Yet, so often I fall short to that by complaining, disobeying his Word, and well not trusting Him but instead living in fear or worry.

What if, instead I too learn to trust that God is with me, that He is strong and Mighty. That I have nothing to fear because He is on my side. Just like I remind Toby of these things, I too need reminders of how God is for me.

I pray today that as you read this you remember these truths and that you are open to see through your child's eyes and see yourself. 

Lord, help me to remember these truths today. Help me cling to them, to teach them to my son, but also to walk them out.

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