Counterfeit or truth?

The Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success.  ~ Joshua 1:8

 How do study the Word? Do you meditate on it, bind it to your heart, and memorize it?

I was listening to a podcast the other day where they were interviewing Jen Wilken. What she said stuck with me, " studying the Word is like studying counterfeit money." She then went on to explain that when they train someone to recognize counterfeit money that they only give them the real thing to study and memorize so that when they see something false they can recognize it. This stuck with me because I heard it around the same time I was reading Joshua 1:8.

You see in Joshua 1:8 - Joshua is given the reigns to lead the people into the Promised Land.He is then charged by the Lord to make sure that he doesn't stray from the Book of the Law, and is called to study and meditate on it.  Similar to what those who are trained to do for counterfeit money.

The call to "meditate on it" and be careful to do as it is written, is important for many reasons to us as believers, not just to Joshua.  Why?  Because we to can be presented with false teachings and false doctrines. I think often though we don't' know enough of the Word to fight back and recognize it as false.

What if we as women instead took a closer examination of the Word. What if we studied it and meditated on it so that when we were presented with false truth we could recognize it for what it was - false.

As believers and sisters in Christ, like Joshua, we to are responsible to know the truth of the Word. We are to obey it. As mothers, we are called to teach it to our children. So why then are we so often lead astray?

I have found often that it is because we do not know the Bible like we should. We claim we don't have the time to study and dig deep, and to memorize it. But what if instead we changed our thinking from this to another view. What if instead we saw our desperate need for it. That it was something we needed for our lives, like we needed air to breath.

Often times, for me, I feel like I read about the Israelite's and how they strayed and lost their focus away from God, time and time again. Or even in the New Testament, you see Paul in most of his epistles writing to the churches and warning them of false teachers among them. Teachers who entered into the churches in sheep's clothing but their doctrines were not true. Yet, the people didn't recognize them and many were lead astray and deceived.

Why? I believe it because this is the easiest way for the devil to get a foothold. He twists the truth with tiny lies that at first glance seem right because we don't truly know how to detect counterfeit from truth. He enters our homes and churches, twisting the truth, so that we accept it as truth. Like Eve in the garden, he uses different words to sound like truth but yet they are little lies mixed with the truth that lead us astray, disobeying the Word. This then, leads us to believe it and at times we then start to teach this to our families, friends, and brothers and sisters. This can be deadly to the church and the body.

This is why I believe the charge in Joshua 1:8, is so important back then and for us now. It is a command to us - to do not depart from the truth. We are called to know God and his characteristics, to know his teaching and truths, to have it on our hearts, to meditate on it, so that we dear sisters are not lead astray. Then as mothers, we can then teach our children these truths, that they know them and when they are presented with false teaching they are not lead astray.

My prayer today is that we recognize the need for us to be in the Word. That our mindset change from we are to busy to the view of I need this today. Sisters, let us be women who are not lead astray but that we too can be firm in our faith and be able to recognize false teachings.

( I want us to succeed in this as sisters in Christ and as mothers, so I'm  putting together resources that I have found helpful to help me get in the Word daily - keep an eye out for these this week)

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