Empty. It is defined as containing nothing. Not filled or occupied, per the dictionary.

This word can mean multiple things for many people. It can mean that your running empty physically, emotional, or spiritually. That you have searched everything through help of self guru and other self help books and still feel unhappy, undeserving, and yet still empty. You might even have everything you wanted to achieve in life and still feel like something is missing.

But y'all - empty to me, means so much more!

When I hear the word empty, I think - empty tomb. What does an empty tomb have anything to do with it. EVERYTHING.

You see it was over 2,000 years ago, when a baby was born to a virgin and a carpenter. He then grew up into a man, who for 3 years, walked dusty roads and paths showing compassion, kindness, and mercy to those who were lost and empty as well. He brought life back into a empty world, through healing the lost and sick. Raising the dead. Casting out demons. And teaching thousands the truth of what was to come and what the prophets all meant.

This man, was Jesus. He was perfect without blemish. The Son of God. The one who the prophets all proclaimed would come. The books of the Old Testament point us straight to Him - yet for so many, there eyes were blinded to what was in front of them.

The crowds brought their sick and dying, and followed Him throughout the regions of Judea. Praising Him, with shouts of Hosanna. Then this same crowd turned on Him, shouting out "CRUCIFY HIM".

Jesus, knew this would happen. He knew this was what he came down to earth for. In direct obedience to His Father. He followed through with the plan of redemption. He obeyed - even when He knew what was about to happen.

On this Friday, over 2000 years ago. Jesus, was betrayed by one of his friends. He was arrested. Beaten. Spat upon. Tortured. And taken before the court. He was mocked. Treated like a criminal. Then a crown of thorns was placed upon his head. The people wanted him crucified so Pilate listened and washed his hands clean. Half beaten, he carried His cross up the hill and then was crucified. The harshest of punishment still to this day. Instead of ropes they nailed his hands, and feet to the cross. The Son of God - would be left alone to do the will of His Father. As the clouds grew dark and the Son offered up his finally words "It is Finished", the Father turned His head as the battle for life waged and the Son of God drew his last breath.


This war was not over. You see the battle between hell and heaven waged on and on, then on the third day the devil and all his demons lost. As the Father, breathed life again into his Son and the curse of death was broken for us all. Jesus, the same one who was dead and buried walked out of the tomb. You see this is what empty means. The tomb is empty!

Because the tomb is empty - we have hope. We have life. We can be called daughters and sons to the King, although we didn't do a thing to deserve it. We can be called righteous and holy because the battle was won. We are loved. We are heirs to the throne of God, and one day we will raise again in Glory with Him.

So today, if you feel empty and lost. Turn your head to the One - who has given life to the empty and walked out of the tomb, leaving it empty. Cry out to Him- He hears you and gave His life for you to be able to cry out to Him.

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