The Wait of Winter

In life, we travel through many different seasons. There are seasons that resemble fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Recently, I was asked which season would best describe my heart in it's current state and spiritual state. My response was winter.


Winter describes my heart and soul lately, because it just seems like the land is dried up and cold. As I search for a sign of spring and new life, I only end up discouraged and constantly feel under attack. The days seems to drag on and on, almost like the cold in the winter that just never seems to quite leave. Have you ever felt that way recently?

In these last months, I have seen lots of dear ones struggling. From constant sickness, to friends who are struggling with motherhood, to the feeling of being constantly under attack from the evil one and so are our children. Constantly on the defense, yet barely able to keep our fighting stance with our hands up on-guard. 

Yet, it has been within this season, that my heart has leaned in closer to my Father. I have come to him with my heavy heart, brokenness and weariness and he has listened. I have placed heavy burdens in front of his feet and asked him to take them for myself and on behalf of dear friends.  I have cried out to Him. "Lord, show me" or "Father, protect them" and He has leaned down to comfort my cries and tears.

He has taken the burdens I have placed at his feet and often times carried them so that I could still walk, even though my feet may have been dragging along. He has exposed truth to me through His Word, that has renewed my soul. I have read His promises, and these have brought me joy in the days that I have fought long and hard.

Yes, even though the season right now has felt long and drawn out there is comfort within His arms. The hope of what is and is to come, can shine light even in the darkness.

So dear friend, if the season you are in feels like winter. The nights seem long and the days longer, there is hope. Spring is coming! He is using all things for his Glory - whether it be a time of teaching and/or comforting.

I was reminded of this as the snow melted away, and I began to see little green shoots, sprouting from the ground - that this season may be full of darkness but new life is coming out of it!

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