Do you have eyes that are open?

Have you ever been in a funk? Where you just can't get over something. Or you just keep wallowing deeper and deeper in a fog and feel like you can't get out.

I have. This has been especially true the past week. I felt like my purpose was unseen. I didn't feel appreciated as a wife and mom. It felt like the same ole day in and out and I was just going through the motions.

Then came the self-pity party. You know the ones you have for yourself when you feel like everything and everyone is out to get you or doing things to bug you.  Days you feel like everyone has teamed up against you. The whining, complaining, arguing, and "that's not fair" phrase that can be heard throughout the day!

Here is where I just have to laugh at myself a bit. Why? Because I thought I would take my own whining and complaining heart to the Lord - my conversations went a little like this. "Lord, do they even see me?" "Do they hear me when I speak?" "Why Lord, are they not listening?" Praise the Lord that he is gracious with us and patient.  The  complaining that was happening to me I then took to my Father and yet he never lost his temper with me. He just heard me out.

Do you every have these ah-ha moments? Where you see someone else's sin and the Lord gently opens your eyes to expose yours. Well this is what happened when I started listening to my heart complain. It was in these moments, that I feel the Lord open's my eyes and then I can call out - Oh I see that now Lord.

We can let our grumpy, complaining, and funk of life take us captive. This is when we turn from making him the center to "us" the center. The devil probably does a victory dance thinking - "Yes, I got her where I want her to be, so caught up in herself that she doesn't even see Him."

Have you ever had one of these moments?

If so, I pray that you are able to see your own sin exposed. It is in these moments of own recognition that we see what a gracious and humble Father we serve.

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