Learning to Surrender it All

"Lay it down at the foot of the cross, give it to the one who can carry it all..."

These are the lyrics that pop immediately into my head when I hear the word "surrender." What does it mean to surrender it all?

To me, these words mean that I stop trying to do all of it on my own. I stop trying to control every situation, every reaction, everything that as a mom and wife make me completely nervous and anxious and take it all to the foot of the cross. I'm tired of the anxiety that creeps in when I'm in control and I'm ready for Jesus to take the wheel, kinda surrendering.

Oh Lord, let me be able to hand you everything from my son's health to the little things in my life.

I believe this is what Jesus is looking for us to do. He wants us to drop everything behind and follow him. For me that is stop living in fear of the unknown with my kids, and the worry and doubt that creeps in as they begin to get older and have more freedom. It is completely trusting that My Father is in control of everything. He see's my heart, he knows my struggles but yet when I surrender these things openly and willing to Him, He brings me great peace and comfort!

What are you struggling to surrender today?  Are you willing to be open about it, if not here then be completely honest with God, He already knows my dear friend and He is waiting to hear from you.

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