Truth in the Chaos of Motherhood


It's a 24/7 job. No time off, no sick days. No 15 minute breaks with a required lunch break. Nope. Mothers. We are the one's expected to come in the middle of the night when the cries for "mom" echo the hallways and the one's who don't get to use the bathroom in peace (if we're all honest you know what I'm talking about...yep...those darn fingers under the door).

So why mom's, do we keep thinking we have to measure up to the next mom in the room?

You know what I'm talking about. The mom who is in the grocery store and her kids seem to be acting perfect. The mother who talks about how her kids sleep perfectly through the night. The mom who looks so well rested and put together everyday, while you are standing there in yoga pants. Or the mom who seems to have the time to work out everyday and talks about how her kids eat every fruit & veggie under the sun.

Friends, it is time to stop. I'm speaking to myself as well.

We take every perfect looking image we see and then think nonstop of ways to perfect ourselves. STOP... just stop. This way of thinking is such a lie - thrown out by the devil. He wants us to undermine ourselves as moms, to believe the lies that we will never be a good enough mother, or have the perfect body, or the perfect kids, or the perfect Pinterest meal on the table, or the perfect home.

I know because I struggle on a daily basis with these lies. I feel like I have to measure up to a certain standard set forth in my head. This "standard" is nothing but a lie that comes from the devil. It is time to see and hear the truth!

We are all flawed. Yet, despite our imperfections, God uses us in great & mighty ways. He knew our children before they were born & saw fit to place them into our lives.

God has been teaching me a lot of different things in the last few weeks. I hear Him speaking truth in my life. Truth that I am enough because of what He has done for me and what He is doing through me. Truth that through Him I am sanctified and worthy. Truth that because of Him, I'm an heir to the kingdom. I will always be a daughter of His and belong to Him. Truth that He loves me no matter what size I am, or what my house looks like, or how my kids act. My constant prayer is that one day they too can call Him dad & understand this truth.

So the next time you are walking through the aisles of the store, or at the gym, or walking into church or through the halls of your kids school. Remember one thing. You are enough because He made you enough! Remind yourself of His truths daily!

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