Are you Ready?

Oh dear friends...

Are you equipped for battle, are you active or passive? Are you on guard or do you believe the devil is a fairy tale character? Dear friends, the battle is really waging and the enemy is winning the battle in our homes. You see it's time to take off the blinders, time to open our eyes and be awaken to the truth. The devil is real!

These last few weeks and months, I feel like I'm being continually reminded the battle is for real. Whether through the Bible, a book study, a movie, books, etc. The Lord keeps pointing me back to the truth that he is real and not a fairy tale character.

You see friends he is cunning, sly & tempting. He lies to you, he makes you think he really isn't there or even real while he slowly sneaks one foot in the door and then starts to become a permanent fixture in your life. You know what I'm talking about that one thing you see everyday but don't really see it because it has become so routine and regular that you don't even notice it anymore and has just become part of the background. Well, it's time to wake up!

Do you hear me friends... HELLO...wake up from your dream and open your eyes to the truth, the devil is present and very real!

You see he is present in our marriages and has made your partner the enemy. Oh you know what I'm talking about. The way he drives you crazy, the way you blame everything on him, how you think he needs to change, not me. Yes, the one you were so in love with and walked down the aisle and said your vows to him, and promised each other to be a model of the bride of Christ, to love one another until death to you part. Yes, it is time to be awaken from the lies in our marriages.

He is also present in your home. Your finances, my friends, are not the problem. You do not need a bigger house, car, or those name brand clothes that you think you need. You see God supplies all our needs he has given you money and He wants you to listen to where He wants you to spend it. He wants you to give it to your church, to the homeless man on the corner, etc. You know the tug on your heart for that certain charity or the one neighbor who seems to be struggling. He wants you to see them not others to see you for your money. Or if you are the opposite, you struggle to makes ends meet, God wants you to be so dependent on him that you have no fear where your next meal, paycheck or gas money will come from. "He supplies all our needs" the Bible tells us in Matthew 6:31, so believe his truth because the Bible is truth. The devil wants you to be anxious and worry about it but the Lord he wants you to depend on him fully. He will meet your needs.

He is present is our parenting. We are called to discipline, to teach our children to be like Christ (not the next all-star athlete or Nobel Peace winner.) We are to teach them to respect authority to know that not everything will be fair or perfect or go their way. Friends, the devil is running our parenting and he is winning. You see you haven't been called to be BFF's with your child, to let them think that everyone wins and they will never fail. Nope, parenting is hard, we are called to discipline, reprove, correct, to LOVE them like Christ loves us, to show them grace and forgiveness. It is time to wake up!

He is also present in our churches and communities. He is tearing them down piece by piece and in most cases he is winning. You see friends, there is sin in this world, people and pastors are human and guess what? The Bible tells us that we are all born sinners. There will be pain, hardships, death, broken-hearts, people who lie to you and false prophets. We are told all this in the Bible, so why do we stand by and not listen and follow the same path as the Israelite's, or David, or Samson, or even the early church. Why can't we stay the path?

My friends, we all know the answer, the Devil, he is good y'all. He has had thousands of years of practice compared to us. He is charming, lustful, pretty to the senses but he must be stopped! So, are you ready to wake up and fight? Are you ready to be able to stop the lies? Are you ready to suit up for battle?

I hope so because we need some warriors on my Father's side. We need women like Proverbs 31 talks about, that says, she "fears the Lord" and "laughs at the time to come" because she knows who wins the battle. We dear friends, need to be strong, and not be fooled anymore! We need to open our Bibles and know truth, we need to equip ourselves for battle, and to get on our knees! We need to pray like we have never prayed before! We need to awaken and ask to be empowered by the Holy Spirit like the Bible tells us to. Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 17:21, that if they had faith like that of a mustard seed they could say to the mountain move and it would. I want to have faith like that. Faith that believes I can crush the enemy with the help of the Holy Spirit, faith that believes the final victory will be over when Jesus comes again.

Dear sisters and friends, my heart's desire is that you see the enemy, that we don't just sit by and let him attack our homes or become a permanent fixture. I want to remember what Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:12, "for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of  this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places". We are in a constant state of battle whether you believe it or not --- it is taking place in our homes and communities and churches.

So let us stand tall, let us be active women of faith, fervent in prayer and win back our homes, families, churches, and communities through the power that we have been given the day we called upon our Father's name and placed our trust in him. It is time we pray for help to FIGHT. I completely believe that the Holy Spirit can do a great work in you and me and empower us as daughters if we call upon his name and ask. He will and is with us, don't ever believe the lie that he isn't present. Friends, he is the key to helping us have victory in this present age until the day the Lord returns in glory. Let us pray and ask the Holy Spirit to be equipped for this battle daily. Are you ready to join me?

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