Motherhood - An Open Letter to a Weary Mom

I see you because I am you.

I hear you too... I hear you say how you feel like a failure, how you can't just find one peaceful moment even to pee, that you feel that you will screw your kids up, that you feel guilty for wanting a moment alone. How you wish that this stage would just end and yet the next one is just as hard and challenging as the one you just left.

Yes, I hear you and I see you because I too do the same. See my weary friend and fellow mom, I have been there and today is one of those days. You know how it goes...The night where you get woken up multiple times, that said child then ends up in your bed and then somehow takes over your sleeping area, the before the dawn wake up call by same child in bed who thinks that it is then time to play. The excessive whines, the grumbling, the fights, those moments where you think you can't discipline this kid again (surely he knows that hitting his brother gets him a discipline....REALLY he has had more than 5 today), the desperate need to crawl and climb on you at all times and ask you "what's that?", I mean all this is enough to break anybody right?

Well, if you can relate to anything I just said, then you aren't just anybody. Nope you are a mom. You see, no matter which means has lead you to motherhood, God has put precious little ones in your hand and you now answer to the name, MOM. This role of motherhood, can at times be a hard hat to wear, to get up in the night with kids who need us, to put a smile on when all you want to do is hide under the covers and some days it's hard to find joy even in the moments.

But my dear weary moms there is HOPE. You see for us sisters and heirs of Christ we have HOPE because He is with us, He has redeemed us and called us sisters and daughters. Lately, days have been rough, you see I'm writing you because today was one of those days. Today, has been rough, leaving me feeling guilty for losing my temper, feeling convicted of how much I need Jesus because I'm lost, so lost in this mothering gig without him. Fighting for joy, and fighting for patience with my kids, as I'm tired, and quick to anger. I know tiredness isn't an excuse but its the truth today. Praise the Lord though for the gospel and dear friends to point us back to it. If you don't' have these kind of friends to point you out from your self-pity to the gospel, I pray that you are able to find them. The GOSPEL, the story of redemption, forgiveness, and love. Romans 8:1-2 "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death." You see this my sisters is what takes away my guilt and shame, I'm covered in the blood of Christ. I'm a heir in his kingdom he calls me daughter and I call him Dad. This single act of mercy and grace is what gives me strength when I feel I have none left to give to my kids and husband. The all surpassing love of my Father, who bends down to listen to me and hear my cries for help in this season of mothering and being a wife. Who has forgiven me countless times for my sins. You see lately, I have been reminded just how much I have in him, and I am truly grateful, words will never describe. So as I begin to preach the gospel story back to myself and remember how much he gave, this is what gives me JOY to finish my task ahead of me for the day, to tuck those precious little ones into bed, pray over them, and ask forgiveness for losing my temper.

So weary mom, sister, and friend lift yourself up to the Holy One we call Father, the one who redeemed you and calls you his daughter. He will give you the strength to finish the day. In Christ alone is where you will find JOY and PEACE and COMFORT and be able to lift yourself out of the weary state you are in. You might not feel completely rested but let's be honest being a mom you will never sleep like you did in college, but I have complete faith that you will feel rested in the steadfast love of our Father and that will give you joy and peace today! You are not alone in this journey...Join me in praying for us to fight this battle.

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