Here I Am

Wow! I can't believe it has been 16 months since my last post. Looking back at posts it is amazing how far our family has come! So let me step back in time a little and give a summary of our last 16 months.

Toby Update:
The last post in April Toby hadn't turned 1 yet and now he is 2 years old. A lot has happened in that time frame. April 2014 we started more chemo every 3 weeks and in August 2014 Toby got his last dose of chemo. PRAISE THE LORD. During his last round of chemo the week of June 30th right before his birthday, Toby spiked fevers of 104.3-105. After going to Suburban Pediatric unit we were then transferred to Children's National Medical Center, where we spent 4 days and 3 nights and were discharged home the day before his 1st birthday. Toby's first ambulance ride was scary for him but he was very brave and they gave him plenty of Popsicle's to make him feel right at home. The nurses at Children's National are amazing, they do a wonderful job with the kids. We are so grateful for their passion and care to take care of our little man and also the many other kids who had it worse than us and are on the oncology unit frequently. My biggest struggle during that time was why now? Why Lord before his first birthday? Watching your son go through so much it breaks a mother's heart but I have learned that the Lord has never left us not one step. He knew my heart and over the months ahead has drawn me closer to him. We are told in 1 Peter 4: 12, not to be surprised by the fiery trials that come upon us but to rejoice in the suffering as therefore we share in Christ suffering, and that in the end we will be able to rejoice when his Glory is revealed. God's glory truly has been revealed to our family through Toby. He has endured much and many times I prayed that I could take the pain and his place but God gives strength to us and held Toby the whole way through. We have seen now that the Lord has used it to his Glory, as now Toby is a healthy 2 year old, (y'all I mean true 2 year old tantrums and all), and has had no disabilities from his time on chemotherapy or his tumors. Praise the Lord that our son can walk, jump, climb, throw tantrums, talk and often disobey lately. I know that in the moments of this it is frustrating but God has been kind to us and healed our son. Our prayers were answered and although we didn't get the answer we first wanted sitting on our townhouse stairs crying out to God for our son, He did answer it months later and has brought us much joy through learning.

Although chemo has stopped we still have the road ahead of us, as Toby has been through multiple MRI's every 3 months to ensure no new tumor growth. In June 2015, Toby's last MRI showed that most of the bones affected by the tumors showed complete resolution (healing) except his lumbar vertebrae that still are flat. The doctors then told us that Toby could now move to MRI's every 6 months. Another answer to our prayers, as keeping a toddler without food these mornings can be very painful and difficult. So Toby's next MRI is November of this year.

Family Update:

Well over the course of the last 16 months a lot has changed for this family we went from a townhouse to a single family home with a yard in September 2014. I was just starting to get stuff unpacked and painted when we found out in October 2014 that we were expecting another little one due June 2015, which made things more hard to unpack and paint as nausea/vomiting always seem to accompany my pregnancies throughout the first and some of 2nd trimester.

Wyatt, our second bundle of joy was born on June 21, 2015 which fell upon Father's Day this year. Our little family of 3 became a family of 4 and now this mom is completely outnumbered by boys. Leading me to restart my post of raising and caring for boys (and you know it really is 3 y'all...Love You Honey). So as I start my new journey of mom for two, I look forward to hopefully being able to encourage you or just make  you laugh along the way. As a mother of two boys, one who is constantly on the move and the other who needs lots of my time in this season, I have already in the last 8 weeks had my ups and downs but it is part of this mothering journey and I would love for you to follow me in it.

My Prayer for you as I share my crazy life and work towards finding joy and lots of grace in this journey of motherhood is that you too are able to see how wonderful a chaotic life can be when you walking the journey with your Father in Heaven encouraging you every step of the way. Here's to a new journey and adventure together y'all!

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