Post MRI Update

Greeting friends,

So in my last post i mentioned that Toby had his last round of chemo and was also fighting a cold that week. Well things got a little crazy that week as Toby spiked a fever hours after chemo Friday April 4th and we ended up in the ER that evening receiving IV antibiotics, chest x-ray, and blood work. We were there from 7pm - 1am and then had to come back the next evening for the 2nd dose of IV antibiotics. Thankfully, Toby has fully recovered and after 2 IV antibiotic doses and an oral antibiotic which pediatrician recommended since it was the 3rd week of his cold, Toby's is back to his curious, exploring, little boy self!

Due to his cold & fever and hospital visit, the MRI was postponed until this last Thursday the 24th. Preliminary results show that the tumors are still present but have shrunk some, which means that we will most likely continue forward with another round of chemo every three weeks. We officially will know next Wednesday when we meet with the oncology team. So thank you for your prayers over the last many months and weeks. I will continue to keep you updated, but this little man is on the move and keeps my time quite occupied!

May God be with you all and continue to show his blessings to you and your families, as your prayers have encouraged and uplifted my family's hearts!

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