Hello Again...WEEK 18 FINALLy!

Hello friends & family,

 Yes, I have been a slacker. Life has become quite crazy the last two months. First of all, Toby has begun to crawl on all fours and pulling up on every furniture piece, as well as learned to master the stairs :(

This means, Mommy is on the move from the time little man is awake to the time he falls asleep for the evening. Naptimes have been used by mommy to catch up on zzz's (will get to this in a bit) and of course the inevitable laundry pile that I swear never ends along with the dishes. Yes this has left me completely exhausted with no energy left to blog in the evenings. Secondly, it is tax season, for many people this doesn't mean a lot except if they owe money but in the household of an accountant it is quite crazy! I feel bad for Jason as he often is working late and is overwhelmed quite often lately. The good part of this is that he has clients, which helps with extra cash for the year. The other side of this is that it leaves me to man down the fort from February to April, therefore leaving me catching up on zzz's.

Life in the last month and half has been quite a whirlwind but we have been taking one day at a time and putting one foot in front of the other. Toby has also had his up's & down's that started around Valentines' Day and have meandered into the last several weeks. Chemo has obviously suppressed his immune system and this crazy weather has not helped things at all. One day we have a beautiful 60 degree weather day, then we have snow a day later here in good Ole Maryland! He has fought croup which is what he had around Valentine's Day, as well as the common cold in the last week. If anyone knows anything about a baby it means, no medicine can help his cough just cold air or cool mist humidifier (Gigi swears by her oils and has sent many DoTerra packages, that seem to work at times). Little man continues to strive through the coughing at night and has now come back to his normal sleep schedule for the most part, leaving mommy and daddy very happy.

Toby turns 9 months old this week, really can't believe this myself but it is true! He is crawling, climbing stairs, walking from furniture piece to furniture piece and continues to strive forward in the eating department for the most part. This week marks the 18th round of chemo making it hopefully the last round on Friday. Please pray that everything goes well on the upcoming MRI April 9th. We are praying that the results are good and that the doctors feel encouraged and chemo stops. We both know that this might not be the case but Prayer is the most powerful tool I have, so please join in with us.

Grateful for you all! Will update you as soon as we hear results in the next week!

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