Half Way There

Hello Friends & Family,

Sorry that I haven't been updating y'all and haven't written in a week or so. I feel at times that I can get so distracted by social media, technology, and well blogging that I miss moments with my little man when I'm at home. So I have cut back and removed Facebook from my phone (so sorry if I missed a message).

So last Friday Jan 31st was the halfway point for Toby's chemo, it was his last round of weekly chemo treatments...HOORAY! He now will be doing chemo every 3 weeks for the next 9 weeks, meaning 3 more treatments until the MRI and we will find out if he needs more rounds of chemo. We have been told to expect more rounds of chemo but they would most likely stay at every 3 weeks. God is the Ultimate Healer though so we know that he is in control over all things and He is the one who has lead us through to this point in time! Toby is hanging in there and is one tough little guy. If you didn't know he was on treatment he doesn't act like it or show it at all. The biggest thing we face is all the illness and sickness going around this winter. YUCK! So much is going around that even Poppa had to delay his trip to visit because Gigi and him have both been sick.

Toby is 7 months old today, we can't believe that this is true! He is attempting to walk and has determined that he is not a fan of crawling although he can get up on all four's.  He likes standing and holding on to things to stand and attempts to work on his balance; his favorite thing at this point in time is his little walker where he likes to explore the upstairs. He really enjoys people too. We have made lots of new friends at chemo treatments and he just loves Ms. Beth & Kelly.

We truly are so grateful to everyone for there prayers, love, & support through these last 7 months, I seriously can't believe it has been that long. Every week we continue to see how gracious and loving our Heavenly Father is and how he has put us where he wants us with such a great support system. We have meet so many people in this journey in our church family and in the area that have been so great to us. Our prayer is that we continue to draw closer to Christ as we still have a journey ahead of us. I hope you guys are all doing well and that you grab a coat for the winter weather apparently headed out of Canada again this week :(


  1. I love you Sister!! So thankful that Toby doesn't have to go to chemo every week!