Learning to see truth in the season of chaos

In Matthew 2:1-12, we see the story of the royal magi, the wise men who were in search of the King that had been born and wanted to worship him. These men who were from a far away land, traveled years to come and see this King that the star proclaimed had arrived. Many of you may know this story well but this year in reading the story one thing stuck out over and over again to me. In Matthew 2:11 it says, "they saw the child with Mary his mother, and fell down and worshiped Him..."

I have been trying to picture this scene. I mean if men came to my house of noble descendant and then bowed down to my son I'm not sure how I would have taken it. It says, "...they saw the child with Mary his mother..." My thoughts first go to, what was Mary doing when these men arrived? cleaning her house? washing dishes? sewing? or feeding her child? I know one day I might know the answer but for now, I can't even fathom my reaction. Did Mary and Joseph truly realize what an amazing gift was in their home? I mean they lived in the daily presence of Jesus, the one and only Son of God.

What does that mean for us? For us, we know the end of the story. We know the true reason He came but yet often we lose sight of this gift, especially during the holidays. This gift, this child Mary and Joseph called Jesus and son, was the perfect gift and still is. Why? Because He is the Perfect King that came, left His home and humbly became a baby. A baby born into this world of sinners, who experienced pain and suffering and then grew up and died like a criminal on a cross, just to save his children!

I can often lose sight of this truth and focus more on the gifts, traditions, cookie baking, house decor, or the Christmas shows. Now before you are like what? Trust me, I don't think any of this is wrong unless it starts to consume us and make us so stressed that we get provoked easily to anger or whatever temptation takes over you. I know for me, it is restlessness and anxiety to have everything perfect.

This year, this season has been different in that I wanted to be able to spend time with my family without all the stress and pressure. So instead of being nonstop, we have attended less Christmas parties, and have committed ourselves to fewer events. In doing so, I have found that it has been wonderful for my heart. Yes, I have occasionally struggled but mostly it has taken away the stress and weariness from trying to do everything in such a short time and in perfect form.

So if today, you are struggling in this season with the stress and restlessness that come with the season, I encourage you to look at what you are doing and take a look at how it affects your family or your own heart. Is your family seemed chaotic and stressed? What about your own heart, Is it restless and weary?

My prayer today for you is that your ale to find rest and peace in this season by refocusing your vision on the real reason we celebrate. Let us my dear mothers, friends, and fellow sisters are like the wise men who bowed down and worshiped the King. As we come into this New Year, let us be moms whose eyes are focused on the Perfect King.

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