The Little Moments

As a mom, it can be in the stillness and quietness of the house, when the boys have gone down for naps or to bed for night, that I silently rejoice.

You see, Moms are always on call. We are pulled in different directions throughout the day and our kids fight for our attention. Even in the bathroom we don't get peace and quiet. We get little hands creeping under the door and we hear questions like, “mommy, what are you doing?" while banging on the door. Yes, some days mothering two young boys under the age of three can be a challenge. More often than not, I have stepped on car toys and Lego pieces (dude those things kill your feet), dealt out multiple snacks, and became the self-appointed referee between several wrestling matches. I often feel like I may never get a moment of peace. Oh the journey and adventures each day brings!

 It is usually in the moments when I feel like I finally might be able to catch a few seconds of quiet stillness that I hear my little ones begin to whimper and cry out for mommy. Then it's back to reality. I recently had an epiphany during one of those moments. As my youngest son lay completely succumbed to sleep on my shoulder; I realized that these fleeting moments, in the rough and tough days of mothering young ones, are what motherhood is all about. It's about just being the one that they can hold and trust while they drift back off to sleep. Motherhood is about being able to show my children love and compassion like our Father does to us, even when I'm sure he is tired of hearing me complain or tired of correcting me once again for the same thing.

Yes, it's in these little moments that I experience and capture a picture of Christ's compassion and love for me. As He holds and comforts me on my rough days and whispers how much He loves me even when I come before him asking him to forgive me once again.

In mothering no matter what age, you are bound to have rough days. Days that you ask yourself, "when will there be peace and quiet?" My hope and prayer is that even if today is one of those rough days with the kids, that you are able to capture little moments with your son or daughter. That you'll be reminded in these moments just how much they love you but more importantly how it points us to a bigger picture of the Father's love for us!

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