The Relational God - A Book Review

Steven J. Halbert's The Relational God is a book that looks at what the Scriptural Commands for Children, Marriages, Siblings, and Parents teach us about God. This book was published by Tusitala Publishers.

I purchased my copy of this book off of Amazon, as I was excited to see what Steven had to write about our daily relationships and how they teach us more about God and our relationship with Him. He also is a childhood friend so was excited to see his book arrive in the mail.

The Relational God, in my opinion, is a great read in learning more about the daily relationships we live out and how ultimately they play a part in teaching us about who God is. It is broken down into 4 sections: Sons/Daughters, Husbands/Wives, Siblings: Brothers and Sisters, and finally Parents: Fathers and Mothers. I loved how each section was broken down and how each person was addressed. You may not be a parent or married but even reading the final chapter within each of these sections, that address how that role pertains to God, was super helpful in looking at how we see God in each of these roles.

One of my the relationships that Steven addresses is spouses and marriage. At one point in the chapters of How to Be A Spouse, Steven encourages you with using the 1 Corinthians 13 passage and placing your name in front of each of the words of  "love" which he was challenged to do when reading a book by Larry McCall. He also addresses within this section of how we as spouses can so often focus more on the commands given to our spouses in the Bible, then ignoring the ones given to ourselves. I found this very true for myself on how I look at verses such as Ephesians 5:15-33 and other commands that are given throughout the Bible for husbands and wives. Yet, there is so much more great content and knowledge found within the pages of each section. Trust me, I have lots of underlined words and sections highlighted that I found thought-provoking and that I found true of myself and want to work on.

I believe that in this book Steven does a great job of pointing us back to what the Bible tells us and uses Scripture to back up his points and conclusions. Therefore, I highly recommend this book to everyone, who is interested in learning more about how our God is a Relational God! Steven also has lots of resources that were also used in his book that I would encourage you to also look into if you had more questions.

Oh and Steven just let me know that he is doing a giveaway - if you review his book on Amazon the first 3 people who do so and comment in the post below will receive the free Audible download of the book!

                                     About the Author:
Steven Halbert is a husband, father, son, and brother. He has held various roles in children and family service organizations and currently works as a product manager for an industrial manufacturer. He enjoys teaching adult Sunday school, which is where the idea for this book materialized. He has an associate degree in Bible and a master's degree in English. He blogs about business, relationships, and the church at

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