Hidden Truths

As a Mom of two young boys, it often feels like I am in a constant state of motion. I am sure most of you can relate; from the time my feet hit the ground in the morning until I lay my head down on my pillow at night, I am on the go.  

It seems like I am being pulled in different directions by my children, family, and commitments. Mostly, I feel like my “mom” hat is always leading the day. I often feel like I can lose sight of my true calling as I am running through our daily routine and from one event to the next. 

This year (amidst the crazy details of life) the Lord keeps pointing me to two things.

First and foremost, I am His daughter, an heir to His throne. This comes before I assume my wife, mom, sister, friend, or colleague identity.

I can get so consumed and wrapped up in my kids, husband, and life that I forgot my true identity in Christ. At times, I find myself questioning, "Why am I doing this again?". These thoughts cross my mind after the millionth tantrum of the day or while I’m cleaning all the dishes in the sink for the hundredth time. In those moments, my heart starts to question my own identity as a mom or wife. Questions like, "Am I good enough to be a parent to these kids?" or "Lord, maybe I should go back to work full time and let someone else deal with the tantrums?" Other times, I start to compare myself to other moms and wives who I see as doing life better than me.

Yes, in these moments I truly open a door wide enough to let the evil one in and begin attacking my heart one fiery lie at a time. It is when I start to remember the truth that these lies begin to vanquish. When I speak the truth of who I truly am, I start to remember who I am in Christ. Romans 8:17 tells me that I’m an heir of Christ. Romans 8:14 tells us that we are “sons and daughters of God”. So, in the days when you feel like you’re not cut out to be this child’s mother, just remember that you are first and foremost Christ’s daughter and He has given you an inheritance in Him, so lean into Him.

The second thing God has been showing me this year is that He has blessed us each with specific gifts. Each of us has been given a gift to use for His glory. In motherhood, we so often lose sight of this along with our identity. We forget that we have talents and gifts that are tucked away inside because we are so focused on our external, often chaotic, circumstances.

I have learned that God has placed a gift or passion in our hearts for a reason. I think the devil wins and does a victory dance among moms because so often we don’t use our gifts, fearful of how it might take us away from our kids or family. I’m here to encourage you to use those gifts and passions He's given you. These last few months I have learned to listen and it has been so good for my heart, but more importantly, it has taught me to trust in God’s timing and in His plan. You see He loves to use our hidden gifts and talents to glorify Himself and for others to see Him. 

If you are reading this and struggling with not listening to God or maybe you are fearful of the next step, I pray that you stop listening to the lies that are being thrown at you. That you step out in an act of faith trusting that God will lead you, open doors for you, and ultimately show you who He is! 

Today my fellow moms, my prayer is that you take that leap of faith. That you act on what He has placed on your heart. That you pray over it and ask Him to reveal the next step to you, but also that you remember your true identity is not in the name “MOM” but as a daughter of the King.

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