To you, my dear Mother

There are many different forms of "mom".  We are all given this title by our children no matter how they came to us. From the moms who bring kids into their home who need a roof and love, to the moms who struggle to have their own yet the moment that little baby is placed in their arms they are full of joy and love to give, to the moms who are blessed to carry their child,  let us not  forget the title that we all answer to and the role that we have been called to.

Our role is a very important one, yet in today's society it is been degraded and downplayed at times. We don't have any superpowers, we don't have any perfect solution, but we do have lots of love to give. Our hearts are mostly full when we watch our kids play in the park - splashing around in the puddles trying to make a big splash. Or as they chase down the beach after the seagulls trying to catch them. Our hearts are full of joy, as we watch them grow and learn their first big life lesson. Although we want to scoop them up and protect them from the world, no matter what age they are. Those tears as they walk across the stage at their graduation, they are mostly happy tears yet sad ones as we know they are slowly spreading their own wings to leave our home.

To the moms, who work full time then come home to care for their family and kids, then do it all again the next day. You are seen!

To the single mom, who runs the home, pays the bills by working multiple jobs so that their kids can eat, and doing everything in your power to help them succeed. You are seen!

To the military mom, whose husband is working or on tour for months on end, while you manage the household, care for the kids, and constantly giving back for the sake of others. You are seen!

To the mom, who stays at home, keeping up with the household and the kids, driving around from one event to the other, or maybe even teaching them from your home. You are seen!

You are seen, by others, and by your children. Who although they might not tell you - they appreciate you. You sacrifice for your families. You pour your heart into them by caring for their ouchies, teaching them life lessons, picking them up and pointing them in the right direction, encouraging them to do what they don't believe they can, and pouring your love into them slowly over the years.

So today mom, we want you to know that we see you and that we appreciate you!

Happy Mother's Day

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