Loving like Jesus

In this time around the world and in our own borders we see so much hate being put on display. The last months have been hard to watch and hear about, it just breaks this mom's heart. You see, my friends, daughters, fellow moms, and sisters in Christ we are called to love one another just like our Heavenly Father loves us.
So, why is it that so often we are the ones casting the first stone at others?

It's happening in our own communities, churches, schools, and neighborhoods. We silently sit and watch as hate is being displayed, often times we too chime in casting stones against one another. As moms though, we have a tendency to do this from afar. It comes across more as judging from a distance because we believe we are always right. It actually reminds me of the Super Bowl commercial that has all types of moms coming into the park and everyone is looking at the other group casting judgment in their eyes, through eye rolls, rude comments, etc. Yet the moment they all see the baby stroller going backward down the hill each one stands up and starts to chase after it to assure the baby is okay and not harmed, even though it wasn't their own child.

As moms, we have this built-in nurturing character that is ingrained in our DNA the moment a child is placed in our arms. It is fierce and powerful like a wild animal needs to protect it's own because we want what is best for them. So, why then are we usually the ones who scorn moms who are different because they don't fit into our "box" or group.

Friends and sisters in Christ, we need to change this. We moms are powerful and can make huge statements. What if we are the ones who need to stand up and show love? To teach our communities, churches, schools, and neighborhoods to show love no matter the color, race, ethnicity, religion, or difference in mothering style. What if we, as children of the King, put on love like Him through our actions and passed it on to someone else, then they passed it on through one act of love given to them. What would that look like? What would LOVING like Jesus entail and do to for our lost world?

What if today when we feel tempted to judge someone, cast the first stone, or even to think unkind of someone we instead showed them, love, through our actions. Actions speak louder than words, isn't that what we teach our kids?  So, what if we actually lived this out ourselves by maybe greeting someone with a smile who you struggle liking, doing an act of love through giving or buying them a coffee, or paying someone a compliment in the store who is being rude. Can you imagine what just one act would do for their heart? Just like a yawn can be contagious, I believe that one act of love and kindness can be contagious.

So, my dear sisters, friends, and fellow moms, today and this week let's be the first to show love to one another even when it is hard. Will you join me in showing love to others today?
(Let's build the community together...If you participate in an act of love or kindness this week come back and tell us how it went and what you did to show love in the comments below)

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