Running, Wrestling and Tears

Being a mom to two boys under the age of 4 can be a challenge some days. Raising boys, {I don’t care what people think} is totally different than raising girls. Although, I know they both have their ups and downs.

Boys are rough, they are full of energy, they love to wrestle, jump on furniture, and they run nonstop! They show their affection through roughness at times, but they can also be sensitive and sense when something is wrong.

Raising boys can be tough. Trying to relate to them and also trying to keep up with them can be exhausting. These last few days have been difficult--my youngest son has conquered walking/running and thinks he can do everything his 3-year-old brother can do. Trying to teach a 3-year-old boy to be gentle is also hard. Trying to correct and teach him, as his younger brother is running around and trying to tackle him, makes it harder (mind you, the younger one is almost as big as the older one.)  One instance in particular...the boys were wrestling around and the oldest decided to sit on top of his brother, therefore making him cry. After being instructed to get off of his brother, the youngest then goes up to him and does the same thing leaving my oldest son very confused. These are the days that tears (from Mom & boys) seem to be inevitable.

As you can imagine, the last few days have been hard in trying to use wisdom in setting boundaries. I want them to be able to be boys and wrestle and tumble around with one another but I also want them to play safe. Teaching and correcting has not gone well at times; I have lost my patience and temper more than once. I have raised my voice more than I should which leaves me feeling guilty and convicted. It is in these moments that my eyes are open to my own sin and God's constant grace towards me, which leads me to repentance and asking my sons for forgiveness.

Praise the Lord that we have the gift of forgiveness. It is in these rough days with my boys that I’m gently reminded how loving the Father is and has been with me. It is through his forgiveness that I’m free. This amazing gift of love is what I want my boys to see. I want them to be able to see sin for what it is and not hide my flaws, sin, and messiness from them. I have learned that when my sin is exposed, you see the story of grace and redemption shine through. This is what I want my sons to see and learn. I want my boys to learn humility through asking forgiveness when they have wronged others, but also learning to forgive when they have been wronged. There are teaching moments even in the rough and tumble, wrestling moments. My prayer is that we teach our son’s through our example and that we are able to show Christ, even if it means being humble and asking them for forgiveness.

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