Dig Deeper Series - Week 6 (Aim & Application)

As we close our study on Ruth this week. We will be focusing in on aim and application. This is where we get our takeaway from the verses of Scripture we have read and turn to apply them in our lives.  It is the process of turning inward.

So let's dig in, shall we?

The Word Filled Women Ministry defines aim, as the process of searching out the meaning of a passage by asking the kinds of questions we have addressed so far in studying it. First, you want to look at what the writer of the passage aimed for in the writing and reading of this book to its original audience. What did these words gain to accomplish in that original audiences lives? Secondly, we will then apply those words faithfully in our lives. (Word Filled Women's Ministry, 2017).

For this part, I will be using the Word Filled Women's Ministry information, because it's so good and it really makes sense in how to do this.

1. Let's look at the author's aim in writing the book of Ruth?

- Looking at the whole book of Ruth. What is the author's purpose in writing the book of Ruth?

- Then examine each passage you are reading and have read. What evidence is there of the author's purpose in writing this passage?

- Last, you want to relate the aim of the passage you are reading to the aim of the book. How does the author's aim in this passage contribute to the overall main theme of the book of Ruth? (Now many of you are like isn't this the same as unifying theme - well sorta - but not really. Why? Aim is the why of the book, while the unifying theme is what the focus or topic of the book is.)

2. How can we apply the passage? Let's look at the following.

- What does God require of me?

- Where does He require it of me?

- Why must I do what He requires?

-How can I do what God requires?

Finally, how do these applications exalt Christ Jesus and turn us toward Him?

I hope that this helps you sum up the study of Ruth and applying it. I would love to know how your study is going on this book. Even if it is going slow.

Thank you to Word Filled Women's Ministry, who gave permission to use their information they provided at the conference to teaching others in learning to study the Bible and dig deeper into the context.

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