Dig Deeper Series - Week 5 (Unifying Theme)

I hope you all are getting the hang of digging deeper into a book of the Bible. It is also helpful to do several chapters at a time if a larger book, or if lots of information in one chapter like the epistles you can do one chapter at at time then look back and compare each chapter.

For Ruth, though, we will be looking over the whole book as we have been the last 5 weeks. This week we will be starting to wrap up the main purpose and look at what the unifying theme in the book of Ruth is.

If you have been following along, I'm a little behind on live videos but hope to get some up soon for each week. Feel free though to comment to each post with some questions that you may have.

Unifying theme. What is it? And didn't we already talk about themes.

Well, yes. We did look at main themes. But what if you were to just sum up the book of Ruth. What is, the one theme we see throughout the whole book? If you were asked - what is the book of Ruth about, how would you explain it.

So for this week, I want you to look back at your notes or what you have written. Do you see something that sticks out in every chapter you have read and looked at? I thought maybe for this week I would throw you a bone.

What about the word kindness? The redeemer process? Or the harvest?

I want you to think through these as you read and study this week. For homework, in one sentence write what the unifying theme throughout the book of Ruth is. I would love to know what you come up with, it might not even include the words above.

Now, lets start digging.

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