Week 1 - Dig Deeper Series (Genre)

I'm so excited that you have joined me in reading and learning to dig deeper into the Word. I hope that you don't feel intimated or scared in doing so, I promise we all start somewhere and we are all learning together.

I want to make this easy for each one of us, so we are going to walk through this together and you can come join me on my Facebook page: Learning Grace Thru Motherhood - group : Ruth Bible Study. (If you have a hard time finding it, please just comment below with your FB name and I can add you directly to the group). 

Let the journey begin!

This week we will learn about the Genre

Why is it important in reading the Bible? And why should I know the genre for the book I'm reading is?

The Word Filled Women's Workshop I attended defined genre this way. Genre - is simply the kind of literature of the book you are reading. The Scriptures are full of a variety of genres which show forth the depth, beauty, creativity, and clarity of God's Word.

You want to know whether or not you are reading a prophecy, epistle, poetry, or narrative/history book in order to better understand the context in what you are reading. If I read the psalms like a narrative or epistle I might take it literally and completely miss what I'm being taught with all the metaphors and similes used. So this is why it is good to know what genre you are reading.

In looking for which genre you are reading, it helps to ask these questions:

        1.  Does the text give us any indication as to what kind of literature this is?
        2.  How does the nature of this passage genre affect my understanding of it?

With these questions you can then move on to look at more distinct questions in regards to the verses and book that you are reading but we will get more into those over the next couple weeks together.


- Read through Ruth (its 4 chapters long and about 5 pages in my Bible).

- I want you to read Ruth through a second time with theses questions in mind:
  1. What genre do you think Ruth is?
  2. What do you think the writer wanted their readers to know?
  3. What was the writers purpose for writing this book in your opinion?
Like I said we will go over these questions in our group on Facebook, I will be going live sometime this week to talk about them but go ahead and jump on these questions in the comments and in the Facebook group. Remember everyone answers will vary and totally okay - we learning together. 

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