Shine - A Book Review

Allison Allen's book, Shine - Stepping into the Role you were Made For, was published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishers Group. In exchange for my honest opinion, I was given a free copy of this book to review.

Do you ever live under a false name? Not your real name with how you introduce yourself, but the name that you believe in.  You know, the name you have whispered over and over in your head, because that is the name you really feel you should be called. Names like rejected, unworthy, unwanted, stupid, not pretty, fat, and etc. Allison Allen, tackles this topic head on in the first couple chapters of her book - Shine

When I received this book, I was intrigued to read a book written by someone who played major roles on Broadway, especially the production of Grease - The Musical.  I was intrigued by the description of what the book was about and was excited to see it arrive in my mailbox.

Allison talks about how many of us live in a fake character, but truly don't understand the name that God calls us by. She goes more into detail of how we can come out from hiding under false names.

I loved how she ties her theater experience into the book, and shows how we can live like we too are in a theater. She ties truth from the Bible, to remind us that God has called us to all SHINE.

About the Author:
 (From Baker Publishing Website)

Allison Allen is a graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and appeared in 650 performances of the Broadway production of Grease. A former Women of Faith dramatist and current Bible teacher, she speaks to women at conferences and retreats around the country, exploring themes of purpose, value, and identity in original and unexpected ways. She lives with her family in Tennessee.

To comply with the Federal Trade Commission, Revell, a division of Baker Publishers Group, has provided a complimentary copy of this book to me through the Bloggers Review Program. 

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