Looking for Joy, when the days are long, yet the years are flying by

Have you every walked through a season of life that endured trials? Whether it was prolonged sickness or just a season in raising your kids that was quite challenging. Or maybe even another trial that you endured or our currently walking through - infertility, marriage problems, or the lost of a loved one.

I believe, we have all been given our own trials to walk through.

Currently, I have been reading James. I like the book of James and what the brother of Jesus addresses in this book but mostly I like his writing style because he is right to the point. He usually calls something for what it is and then points you to the way of wisdom.

The last weeks in my home have been rough. My two-year-old has been tightly attached to me and won't let anyone do anything for him, except me. From the time he wakes up, which is usually before the sunrise, to the time he goes to sleep "mamma, mamma" is constantly heard through the walls of my home. Usually very high pitch or followed with screaming and crying.

It has been rough for this mother, but I know that it is mostly because of the transition we are walking through in this new season of my work schedule and him attending preschool.  My son has constantly made it known that he is not happy with this new plan. It has been enough to wear this mom down. From working more, to dealing with him, has left me physically and emotionally drained, and my heart weary. I feel at a constant loss of how to proceed in trying to break this cycle but in turn nothing seems to break and his strong willed personality seems to "break me" instead. I didn't know a child could scream so long without stopping - with no console.

These tantrums and high emotions around my home, have left me crying out to my Father and I have found much encouragement in the first chapter of James alone.

James 1:2 - "Count it all joy my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness."

I have often seen this verse taken out of context, trust me, I was quoted it often when we walked through chemo with my firstborn. But I want to clarify it a bit. You see, I don't think James means we are suppose to walk around happy and joyful in this earthly body when we are walking around in pain or a hardship, but more that the joy seen here is talking about a spiritual joy. Joy that comes from knowing that one day we will not be in pain and suffering but will be in a new heaven and a new earth. This world and the trials we endure are not our forever homes but rather our temporary residences. So, while we grieve in our pain or season we endure, our hearts may break and hurt but our complete joy is found in our Heavenly Father and Savior who has broken the chains of sin and created an eternal home where we can be with him. This is where the joy, my sisters and friends comes into play, not in the suffering itself but in knowing the end truth.

As a believer the weakness I endure here in this earthly temple I'm living in will one day be no more. The season of motherhood of little sleep, crying kids, and tantrums will one day be no more. My son, will eventually understand that this is not appropriate behavior, but my goal in this season is to keep striving forward with the gospel fresh in my mind. The pain you may be enduring, will not last for forever, one day it to will come to an end and you will be living in an eternal body where pain will be no more. These earthly bodies, will daily fail us and eventually one day our hearts and lungs will stop but until that day we are called to look to our Father. Who has already told us the end story - He will have victory over death and sin and it will be know more.

The new heaven and the new earth are coming, in God's timing, so this is where my joy comes from because I know and believe that this season will not be forever.

My sisters and dear friends, I hope you take courage in this. That whatever you have been given to endure in this earthly temporary home is not forever. My prayer is that whatever trail you have been called to walk through, that it turns into a blessing and that it helps to strengthen you to let the Father's Glory be seen.

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