The Power of a Praying Mom

This year has been such a teaching year for me and my family. We have faced new challenges in parenting as the boys have grown older. We are learning to be more dependent on Jesus and what works best for our household in forms of correction and discipline. Two things I feel like the Lord has been teaching me most though in this new stage in our lives is the power of prayer and seeing my own sin and how selfish I am.

I think as mom's, we often get frustrated in raising and training up our little one's for the kingdom. For me, I often struggle when I do not see immediate results after some hard days of parenting. Can I get an amen? We as mom's are daily correcting, reproving, and trying to instill discipline and values into our little one's lives. More often than not, I can go to bed feeling discouraged and upset by the end of the day instead of feeling grateful and seeing any fruit from my teaching.

My dear husband and I were talking about this recently, and his response to my grumbling and complaining was this: "you can keep doing everything you want to change them but ultimately you never will because they are sinners and God is the only one who can change them." Being the amazing accountant that he is, he then gave me an example of a mutual fund. You have to keep putting money into your mutual funds (which is like the hours and training you put into your kids) in order to make an investment. Ultimately, you put your money into the hands of someone who has more knowledge of stocks and funds who then makes the ultimate decision of which stocks are best (which is like entrusting God with your children's hearts). This bit of wisdom helped me to regain my perspective on why I'm training my boys, it also lead me to my knee's.

You see my husband was right, it doesn't matter how much we correct, train, reprove and discipline, we are only advocates on behalf of our children's hearts and Jesus is ultimately the one in charge. So if that is the case, then where does that leave me as a mom?

It leads me to my knee's! This is where I have been learning about the power of prayer. You see, if we are called to be advocates for our sons and daughters then we should be praying over them and for them throughout the day. I was once told that the most powerful thing I can do as a mom is to pray for my kids. There is something very humbling about praying for someone other than yourself. Prayer is an open door to come before God, who is perfect in every way. He is sitting in the heavenly places in all His Glory and Splendor. The fact that I get to come before His throne and make my requests known to Him is humbling and points me to my desperate need of Him. As a mom, this can be powerful because it can give you such a peace of mind. No matter how much you mess up or how poorly your response to your children, God loves them so much more and will do anything and everything to pursue their hearts.

One book that has directed my prayers for my boys is the book "Praying for Boys" by Brooke McGlothlin. I have lead book studies with this and have also used it in my personal prayer life. I am not saying by any means that you need a book to help you pray but I have enjoyed how it touches different sins and areas that boys struggle with and backs it up with scriptures to pray over them.

So this week, as we are in the trenches of parenting, can I encourage you to make one change? How about we as a community and tribe of mothers, we step up and take the challenge to pray over our sons and daughters every morning. I would encourage each one of you to make a little index card for each child you have with specific prayers for them. Put these cards in a place that will remind you to pray for them. Let's be a tribe and community of mom's who lift our kids up to our Heavenly Father and advocate on their behalf. Are you with me?

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