Exciting News !


So today, I'm so excited to share with you something that I have been dreaming about and working on with at dear friend.

Heather, another writer and blogger over at Arrows and Warriors and a co-writer at Motherhood Inspired, is joining me in writing a free 14-day Bible Study Guide on Titus 2. Heather, currently just had her 3rd little girl and has also started her own YouTube channel called - Heather Riley, Kingdom motherhood - Faith -Real Life. You should go check it out if you haven't.

Why a 14 Day Bible Study?  I have been focusing this year on digging deeper into the Bible and Scriptures. Doing my best to break it down so that I can learn and apply it to my life. I'm eager to soak up every word, although there are many days were I feel discouraged and distracted. Yes, life can be busy and distracting but I wanted others to also be excited to dig into Scripture to, so I asked Heather to team up with me to write a short 14 day devotional guide on Titus 2. My heart is that with it being shorter and breaking it down we can learn together and then be more apt to hold one another accountable.

Why Titus 2? In praying over where I should start on this, I felt called to Titus 2. In it Paul gives instructions to Titus but also specific instructions to different groups of people. One being the women in the church. Today, I feel like it is every so important for us as women to understand what Scriptures say and how to apply it. I want us to be able to decipher from the false truths and self-help books, to looking at what the Word of God says and then learn how to apply it. So, what better why to do this then to look at the instruction given to women that are believers and part of the body of Christ.

I would love for you to be apart of the this 14 day Bible Study with us and join us daily in the Word of God. In order to ensure that everyone who is interested gets this free study guide/devotional - we need you to sign up here!

We would also love it if you could share this on your social media so that we can have multiple women involved in reading and studying Titus 2 with us!

Look forward to start studying with you all in August.

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