Book Review : Glory in the Ordinary

Courtney Reissig's, Glory in the Ordinary - Why your Work at Home Matters to God, was published by Crossway. In exchange for my honest opinion, I was given a free e-book copy.

Are you a mom who is struggling with your purpose? You feel like you are running circles all day long and nothing ever gets done? I know for me I have and often do. I went from working full-time and climbing the ladder to staying at home most days with my kids, a blessing -yes, but the transition was hard and still at times is hard for me.

 When I opened this book and read the description of it, I came with this in my mind. What is Courtney have in store for me and does my work really matter at home?

 Within the first chapter, my attention was grasped especially after she makes the point that God our Father doesn't just work in the big moments but he is also at work " the little moments, too" (Reissig, chap. 1). Often times, I think we as mom forget this. We get so caught up with this picture in our heads of the perfect mom or super-mom, that we forget the true purpose we live for.

 As Reissig says, "Your daily work matters, friend. Whether it feels like meaningful work or not, I assure you it is." (Reissig, chap. 2).

 I truly enjoyed this book, as I struggle with seeing my purpose in the home. At times it feels so mundane, but this book encourages us moms who feel that way. One of the things that I found most helpful, is how she pulls things back to the gospel. The purpose for our work, how we are image-bearers and also the importance of community.

This book would be great for mothers who are new to the journey and even those who are feeling lost in their purpose. Especially, those struggling with finding joy and happiness within their homes and in the day-to-day life they live.

About the author:
(From her website & Crossway page)

Courtney is a wife, mother, writer, and speaker. Born in California, raised in Texas, all with a couple stints in Michigan before finally graduating from Northwestern College (MN). After doing some graduate study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, she met her husband Daniel and fell in love. They now make their home in Little Rock, Arkansas where they are the parents of three boys; Luke and Zach (who are twins) and Seth. They are also members of Midtown Baptist Church, where her husband serves as an elder.


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