What is your worth?

What do you feel is your worth?

My senior year of high school was a rough year. One full of heart-ache, pain, and having to say a tearful goodbye to a woman that I loved like a mother. Then struggling with how God could take away a godly woman and leave behind four kids and husband who needed her. I was mad and anger and didn't truly get the truth behind what I had been taught to believe.

I saw God as mean, an authoritative figure looking to go around and punish those who didn't listen, and saw him as unfair. So, I walked away from Him. Thinking I would find happiness elsewhere - I didn't.

It took me several years to figure this out - that God saw my worth even though I didn't. God slowly began drawing me back to Him.  He placed people in my life at exactly the right time to show me love, but also convict my heart of the sin I was living in and to speak truth into my life. It took six years for my defense barriers to come down and for the Holy Spirit to help me truly see my need for Christ. That the God I thought was mean, a disciplinary figure, unjust and unfair actually wasn't true. Instead He was loving, forgiving, and like a Father figure - reaching out to hold their lost child that had been finally found.

Even though I felt unworthy of his love when I ran back to Him, He continued to show me that I was worthy. My worth to Him was that of a lost child who was found. He called me daughter even though I didn't quite understand that He was my Father. He searched for me, he never gave up on me, and finally I found Him and ran to Him.

As one who has strayed away from their faith in college, doing what I wanted, I often feel unworthy in the presence of Christ. Like the prodigal son in Luke 15. I struggled with feeling worthy enough to be called His daughter.

It has taken many years of healing and leaning on Him, to understand that the feeling of unworthiness was lies from the evil one.

God tells me that I am worthy, created in His own image. I'm His daughter, an heir to his throne. My worth is not based on anything I do or will do but based on His love and grace. I am worthy because He is worthy. He tells me that I will one day be with Him in heavenly places and that for now he intercedes on my behalf in the heavenly places.

So today, if you don't know your worth- trust me that you are priceless. A daughter or son to the King of Kings who created the universe.

He loves you. He yearns after you. He wants you to see Him. He wants you to run to Him. So today, run to Him, see your worth through His eyes.

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