Looking for Hope in the Brokenness and Darkness

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In the middle of brokenness, in the pit of despair, you feel like you have nothing left to give - have you been there?

There are times when we feel completely broken. We feel we have nothing left to emotional, spiritually, or physically offer anyone or our own hearts. Those times where all we feel is pain and hurt. Where it just seems like you can't catch a breathe - before the next wave hits.

I have been in that moment, where you feel like it is just one thing after another. But I have seen that it is in these moments of complete brokenness and suffering that I have found myself fully open and aware of my need for Christ. In these moments, where I just can't bare anything else, and I lose myself in the deepest thoughts of my soul. These dark and deep moments are where I have found that all I have left of me, is to cry out on my knees, surrendering everything over to my Father.

The point of complete surrender where I can only lean on my faith in Him even if I'm struggling to believe that He is good, loving, compassionate and merciful. Where all I can do is breathe Him in and lean completely into His plan.

In the darkest hour of pain and suffering, I have laid everything down at His feet and let Him enter into the places I don't want anyone else to see. When I have done this, confessing to Him I'm not in control it is then I have felt the most free.

I don't mean that my pain in my heart isn't there or the wounds. I mean that my soul feels free - free to grieve, to breath again, and to cry out. The peace that my soul and heart feel is one that can only come from someone more superior, My Creator! My God who has calmed the sea with his words "peace be still". The same God who breathed life into Lazarus after He was dead in the grave for days and shouts for him to "come forth". The same Jesus who healed the sick, cast out demons and spoke life into 12 men who were screwed up and sinners and gave them the keys to the kingdom. The same Spirit, who lives inside of us and on the day of Pentecost gave gifts of tongues to all those in the upper room. My God, my Father, & Savior can breathe complete peace into a heart that is so broken, hurt, and wounded, you just have to let Him in.

You have to be willing, to surrender everything! Whether it is sickness your enduring. A child who has suffered from chronic illness, cancer, or leukemia. The hurt and sorrow of walking through infertility. The pain of losing a loved one. Or the wounds of abuse of a spouse or other person. We have to be willing to cast these deep wounds and brokenness down at the feet of the one that can carry it all. The only one who gives hope to the broken and peace to those who have none.

If you are that woman today, my heart cries out for you. I know that our Father is good and compassionate, loving, and merciful. He is not out to harm or cause pain and suffering but because of sin this now penetrates the deepest places in this life and world until the day He returns in Glory. My prayer for you though, is that even in your suffering and brokenness that you lay it at the Father's feet and trust Him to carry you.

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