Learning Obedience through the Gift of Grace

Do we truly understand the gift of mercy and grace given to us? Or do we strive to keep working to prove ourselves worthy to God.

As, I have been studying obedience, through Katie Orr's - Focus 15 Study Book: Obedience, these are the questions I have been asking.

My whole life I have been striving to prove myself worthy. Worthy of love and friendship. Worthy enough to be seen and heard. Yet so often it has left me hurt and discouraged. Maybe this is why I think I need to prove myself to Christ and then when I fail like I do daily (because we are all sinners) I feel frustrated and unworthy.

What if we stopped looking at obedience as rules and regulations God gave us but rather as an act of worship. In the Everyday Obedience study book, Katie defines obedience as "the right response to the grace of God." This definition is where the book started digging deeper into the word to see the truth behind this definition.  How often do you and me think of obedience as rules to obey, things not to do, and think - that is what God wants. What if, we instead saw it in a new light.

As, I thought about this statement - I started thinking of verses that talk about all that Christ has done for us. He took our shame and guilt. He took our sin and unrighteousness. He took our ugly hearts, that are so wrapped up in our own passions and desires that we see in this world, and gave us new ones. He took all these upon Himself on the cross - even though He Himself was perfect.

So if Christ in his mercy and kindness took all my sin upon himself - wouldn't that make me want to be obedient out of reverence to Him, for all that He did for me?

This study guide, helps you try to answer some of these questions with looking at Scripture. Specifically, Colossians 3:1-17.

Paul, writes to the Corinthian believers at that time, telling them to set their minds on the heavenly things. Colossians 3:2, says, "Set your mind on the things that are above, not on things that are on earth." Still today we as believers struggle with trying to achieve or measure up to the standards of those on earth. Yet, the following verse tells us this, "for you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God." Paul, is basically saying. If you are a brother or sister, there is nothing else you need to do. You have died with Christ, therefore you belong to Him, nobody can take that away - not even the devil and his evil ones, although they do their best to make many of us believe this.

So if there is nothing left that we have to do, nothing we have to prove then let us turn our eyes more to Him; to the things that He has asked of us. Let us be women who open His Word, read his truths and characteristics and focus on being a light in the darkness. Let us be mom's whose children see us in the Word, and know that we love and fear the Lord. We can be the example for others and our children through our actions of obedience to the Holy One.

This is what my heart yearns for: For the women who read this to learn that nothing is greater than the truth of God's Word. My hope is that if you are just in need of something to help you, that you would check out one of Katie Orr Focused 15 books.

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