To the Mom Struggling with Body Image

When you first look in the mirror what do you see? Do you first look at the things you want to change, then start thinking of how to make it better? Or do you look in the mirror and see the woman that God created in his image. 

I see you there in the mirror - because I am you. 

The image in the mirror I usually see I begin criticizing by thinking what needs help and pointing out every flaw. This is nothing new for me, and has been a constant battle, one that I have struggled with since high school even probably middle school. 

You see - I struggle with self-image especially when I look in the mirror now and see stretch marks, extra weight, and well things that have drastically changed since giving birth to two boys. I know this is my battle, that the evil one and his lies will always go for and it helps me to recognize when I fall deeply into becoming obsessed with changing it. 

You see, the truth is that we are beautifully created in the image of God, according to the words of truth in the Bible. We were "knitted together in our mother’s wombs" and nobody else will ever be or look just like us. Truth is it doesn't matter what size we are or if we have killer abs or legs. Nope. The truth is this - God loves me and in his eyes, I'm beautifully and wonderfully made. 

Oh, dear mom, those stretch marks they are the work of your body growing a baby and stretching beyond what it normal does.  Even though you think they are ugly, they are a beautiful sign of the life that you carried. Your hips, that you see as so much bigger was your body's natural way of making room for the little one you now carry and hold. 

The image you see in the mirror with all its flaws and mistakes are not mistakes or flaws. We were created exactly how we are supposed to be - so when we start second guessing how we look and how we were made we start questioning our Creator. Guess who wants us to do that - the great deceiver. 

You see the deceiver is good at what he does. He slowly let's lies in that we start believing. When we do, we start questioning what God has done in his own Creation, that is what he sees as a win. 

So, as you exam yourself in the mirror today - focus on the breath that you are breathing. The life you have been given and those kids that left those scars and marks on your body. They don't see you the way you see yourself. To them, their mother is beautiful, caring, and provides for them. Even though they might not say it if they are older. 

Believe these words - You are Beautiful! No really you are because you are a piece of artwork none like any other. You dear mom are a masterpiece! So today I want you to believe the truth and not the lies.  

Trust me. I know this will not happen overnight and often we will go back to our negative way of thinking about ourselves. But today, I want you to slowly speak truth when you look in the mirror. Truth that the great deceiver doesn't want you to hear or believe. You are beautiful the way you are.

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