Help me not to Forget

A poem/prayer of thanks:

Oh the beauty of the cross,
the love poured out for me.

That my Savior and My God,
would die a sinner's death for me.

The crimson blood that ran down,
the crown of thrones upon His head.

"It is Finished" yet He cried,
as His Father turned His head.

Oh, but the devil had no idea,
the demons cried "victory".

Yet, my Lord and My Savior
would have the final victory.

The tomb was just a resting place,
when my Jesus came bursting forth.

Arise my Son, the Father cried,
as He breathed breath into His Son.

The angels cried out in praise.
The victory was their King's.

My Lord, and  my Savior,
conquered death for me.

He loved me, Oh he loved me.
This sinner did not deserve that love.

His blood now cleansed my darkness,
my clothes now shining in white.

Oh my Father, Oh my God
I don't deserve your love.

My heart is yours!

Help me not forget,
the precious blood shed for me!

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