Freedom is here but can we really be free?

Do you every feel like you are held captive? Chained down to your goals.

What would it be like if we actually felt free of our chains and able to live a life not in fear of being held down in bondage to the multiple things in our life that seem to capture and seize us.

Galations 5:1 (MSG)

Christ has set us free to live a free life, so take your STAND!
Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.

What does it mean I'm free?

What reigns in your life right now? Is it religion - doing what is right and making sure you look good to others in your church or around you.

Or is it the task of responsibility? Feeling compelled to take on everything because you feel like you should since nobody else has or you feel like you can do it better.

What about achievement? This is a tough one for me. Wanting to achieve certain goals. Such as making good grades while I was in school, working towards rewards in the workplace and promotions, and now wanting my kids to act a certain way in public.

Popularity? This one I think most of us struggle because we want to be seen or known. Do you do anything to try to fit into a certain crowd or maybe it's a group of moms that you desperately want to hang out with.  

Maybe for you what reigns is the approval of others. For me, this one is the hardest. I want others to see me as having it all together, or see my performance at something I'm working towards. I want to be accepted and loved. Do you ever feel that way too?

We don't want our vulnerability to be seen. Yet when someone speaks of their own flaws or they are exposed, often we can feel a sigh of relief and in our head feel like good at least I'm not the only one.

Oh dear friend and fellow moms, if Christ really has freed us why do we still run around chained down to these?

The word "freedom" in Christ has been on my radar a lot lately. I have heard it spoken in messages, heard it told on the radio and was introduced to be "free" in Rebekah Lyons book.

In the book  You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons. She addresses each of these issues that we struggle with and many more such as grieving, free to be you, free to dream, etc. As you read the pages, she exposes her own vulnerability and welcomes you into her life and all the mess. Often she openly talks about her struggles and her worse fears. Everything that God has shown her to uncover she has exposed. Yet, there is one thing that is very clear in her message - Christ is with you and is always at work.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, motherhood, or just feel completely broken from something you have walked through whether sickness, death, or abuse. This book has such truth and wisdom that I feel we as women and sisters in Christ need to hear. It is time we take a stand and expose the struggles we have instead of walking in darkness and bondage to them.

I have cried and laughed as I have read this book. Every chapter has spoken to me and convicted my heart in some way. My book has notes of things that I have underlined and highlighted, words and questions and even prayers that I felt like the Lord put on my heart after reading a chapter to confess.
This book has showed me that we truly are free in Christ, yet so often we live like we are still in the jail cell and yet it is wide open and our chains have been release.

Do you feel that way today - like me? Are you looking for freedom yet not sure how to find it. My prayer is that you hear this message of freedom and keep pursuing Christ because he really does set us free. If you are a sister in Christ, I want you to hear and know that you truly are set free the moment you asked Christ into you heart and you have been forgiven. Your chains dear friend, are on the floor, your jail cell is wide open - so run towards him! You are His daughter, he loves you and he see's you!

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