Where are you now?

As the year draws to an end it usually brings about reflection for some about things they have done, what events are to come, or what they should've done this past year. What about you? Do you do some reflecting this time of year, as the New Year will be arriving soon.

What about instead of reflecting and remembering we focus in on today.I want you to take a quick glance around you right now. What are you surrounded by? Is is a cozy fire? A light Christmas tree? Your family? What in this moment right now do you see?

What instead of living in the past and/or focusing on the future we focus in on the here and NOW. Whatever you didn't do in the last days will be okay. The big plans or dreams you have for tomorrow it can wait for now. You see, I don't want you to miss it, the moment that you are currently in at this present moment. I want you to stop in your tracks for just a minute and take everything in. I assume you are breathing and your heart is beating if your reading this, so stop listen to your heart, you have been given that heartbeat in this very moment for a reason, God has given you this time right here, the here and the now so be grateful for it.

I have learned that we need to stop taking the future for granted, to make the most of what time God has given us and to be joyful in the here and now and not focus so much on what I haven't done or what I want to do. As I write this, my children are napping quietly but just an hour ago I was able to snuggle in close to them and watch as they played and laughed and giggled. It's these moments that I will miss when they grow up, these little moments where I pause and actually take in the whole scene. I don't want time to move in this moments, but yet the clock keeps on ticking, so my prayer is that I make the most of these moments and not take them for granted.

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