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Meet Lisa: Lisa Hensley is a writer, podcaster, and volleyball coach who dabbles in other creative pursuits. She and her husband have three boys, including one with a rare disease, and live in a college town in rural Kentucky. Her online spaces encourage women to thrive as mamas and grow as creatives. 

Today, I ask Lisa, another mom of all boys, a friend, and fellow blogger for about how she has been implanting thankfulness in her home and her thoughts on thankfulness not just for the month but year round.

1. What do it look like for you for pursue thankfulness in the midst of the most mundane aspects of motherhood? 
For me, being awake at night with infants can quickly turn into my worst nightmare. I'm tired and all I can think about is how I want to sleep and I'll never get to. Instead I've trained myself  to first thing thank God that I can get up at night with my babies. I am thankful for the children and that I have the health to take care of them and I always want to remember that before I think about how tired I am. It doesn't change the circumstances but it does help my attitude. 

2. What things do you find undo thankfulness in your life and how do you handle that? 
It's always a bad attitude. When I start thinking that life is bad and will never get better I realize that I'm focusing on all the wrong things. I have to purposefully turn my mind back to being thankful. I will sit and think of the many things I have to be thankful and start talking to God about it. It's an intentional activity of bringing myself back to what is real, instead of what I'm imaging.  

3. What difficult circumstances in your life are you most thankful for now? 
I can say that I've seen God work in my life in every single circumstance I wouldn't have chosen. I don't know all the reasons for how things have worked out in my life but I do know that God is at work in all of it. I broke my ankle in October and it's been hard but I know that God is doing something in our lives even now. I wouldn't have that confidence if it weren't for all the things that I've already walked through. 

4. What simple pleasures are you most thankful for?
A hot shower at the end of the day. Coffee with caramel syrup in the morning. Music and school after pancakes. Snuggles on the couch while we're reading stories. Kissing foreheads at bedtime. Holding hands with my husband in the van. 

5. How do you teach your children thankfulness and what does that look like in your home? 
I always prompt them to thank people for what they do for them instead of expecting it. I try to talk about how God provides for our needs and point out all we have to be thankful for. It's a work in progress for them, as well as me. 

You can check more out on my friend Lisa at her podcast- Uniquely Women or her website Delighting in my Days @

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