Thankfulness- An act of Praise

November is a month known for gratefulness and thankfulness. This month I have some good stuff planned for you up on the blog, that were written by fellow friends and fellow mommy bloggers. 

You see being thankful for one month is great but how do we teach ourselves and our kids that thankfulness should be ongoing throughout the year and be an act of praise daily?

I have been wondering this question myself. How do I learn to be grateful on a daily basis but in turn teach my kids how to be grateful for what they have, for the food they eat, the clothes that cover their body, and the roof over their head. I struggle with this because of my own sin but also the market lures you to think that you need more. More money, better clothes, better makeup, bigger houses, bigger get my point. 

How do I as a believer and daughter of Christ learn to navigate my way through the advertisements and marketing constantly bombarding me and my family? 

The last two months I have been digging into some of these questions myself and have asked my friends and fellow sisters in Christ how they lead their homes in learning thankfulness and how that plays out in their homes, even on the bad days. 

Here are the questions we will address this month...

1. What does it look like for you to pursue thankfulness in the midst of the most mundane aspects of motherhood?
2. What things do you find undo (negate) thankfulness in your life and how do you handle that?
3. What difficult circumstances in your life are you most thankful for now?
4. What simple pleasures are you most thankful for?
5. How do you teach your children thankfulness and what does that look like in your home?

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Alright my friends and fellow moms - go ahead and grab that coffee or tea cup and dig into the conversation with us, I can't wait to hear you thoughts.

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