Fall Has Arrived

Fall has finally arrived here in Maryland and I'm super excited. Why? Because it means I can finally put up some fall decor in this house.

I know many of you are huge fall lovers because it means that your pumpkin spice flavor arrives in the stores. Hah. Nowadays you literally have the option of pumpkin in everything from coffee creamer (which I love) to Oreo Cookies. Fall also brings relief on the temperature around here. Growing up in South Carolina though,  that was a different story, but here in Maryland cool air has swept in.

As a family, we love the fall too! My boys love picking apples and I love finding recipes to bake them. One family tradition though that we started when Toby was only 5 months old was visiting a pumpkin farm. In our area, this is a big ordeal as farms have tons of kid activities and rides, corn mazes, and let's not forget the pumpkin donuts! The pumpkin farm is where I can recall some of the sweetest fall memories we have had as a family. As each year passes, I love watching them discover and explore new things as they get bigger each year at the farm. The corn maze was a big adventure for Toby last year and Wyatt was still too little, but was taking it all in.

As our family pumpkin farm day is approaching this year, I'm excited to see the boys and their reactions to the farm this year. Especially, as my little Wyatt has grown up and is now climbing everything, I can't wait to see his face light up at the slides he can climb and the animals he will see (we have been reading and working on animal sounds). I also can't wait to hear Toby's descriptions of everything and see his facial expressions. Another favorite, is that I love to watch my husband try to find the perfect size pumpkin for our front steps and much he gets into finding the perfect pumpkin. The corn maze adventure is also lots of fun, as we attempt to work as a team and find our way out of the maze while we are eating kettle corn  and drinking hot apple cider ( I mean how can you go wrong).

I also enjoy fall because football season arrives in full swing and if your house loves football like mine, this is a big deal. In our home, we love our college football, especially our Clemson Tigers! GO TIGERS! Football season is also a great time of eating good food and being able to do so in the gathering of friends and family. There is nothing quite like been around friends and cheering on your team.

Yes, fall brings cooler weather, pumpkin coffee, and football, but I really just love being able to spend time with the ones close to me.

Do you have a favorite season you love?

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