Who loves to read?

So I have been doing lots of reading this summer. I enjoy reading in my down time and have done my fair share of reading fiction books this summer, but have also read several non-fiction books that have really stuck with me. Stories of women that point you to the story of redemption, by opening up and showing you their flaws and mess then letting you see Christ shine through. I mentioned in my previous post that I have also been doing a lot of deep thinking and digging in the Word for truth this summer, so I wanted to share some books with you that I recommend reading.

Play With Fire - Bianca Olthoff
I was first introduced to this speaker and author at the IF:Gathering in February and man can this girl teach the gospel friends. She has her own personality that shines through as she speaks and tells you like it is, I like to think it is because of her Latina spirit and the gift God has blessed her with. I had the privilege to be a apart of her book launch team who got to read her book early before it was released and it has truly been a blessing to read as she pours out her heart into the pages. She humbly opens up about her struggles with food, dating, family sickness, and issues toiling on her heart. Bianca talks about how hard it is to walk through the wilderness and desert that we walk through as believers feeling lost at times. It is encouraging to hear her story and the honesty behind her struggles, as well as the thoughts she wrestles with. I encourage you to get this book and check it out if you are currently walking through a trial, wandering in the wilderness lost, or feeling like you will never get out of the desert.

Armor of God - Priscilla Shirer
I have also been participating in a Bible Study with my MOPS group. We have been going through this book that goes along with the movie War Room. I can't speak enough about how much this book has taken off the blinders that I have had on as a believer. So often we as believers don't truly understand the creativity, keenness, and ability that the devil holds. Trust me friends, he knows us better then we know ourselves at times and that is what he preys on, our weakness, the fine cracks where we let things slip in, then starts making room in our hearts for us to listen. It is time for us as believers in Christ to stand up and stop being fooled. Satan is not a Halloween costume, cartoon character, or TV character, he is real. I promise the way you view life and your struggles will be uprooted by this book and the truth of the gospel will win! You will understand the armor of God that Paul describes in Ephesians more clearly and be able to use it! So...Go gather your friends or family and dig into this study together. There are video's that go along with it.

I'm just finishing up this book and it keeps speaking to my heart and challenging me to think deeper, it has made me want to spend more time in the Word and be able to ask deep questions of my heart like "Lord, am I willing to do anything for you?" This book has helped me to walk through questions and turn to truth instead of my flesh that can be tempted by the world. It has brought up some good conversations with my husband as well. My prayer and outlook on things has also changed in the last weeks since I began reading this book. I really encourage you to pick it up and start being bold in your praying and ask God, "what do you want me to do for you?" "Where do you want my family to be?" Oh Lord I pray that you lead women to be bold in your name, Amen.
I truly hope that you are able to take the time and read these books. They really have helped me grow in the last months on how I view God and also how I dig into His Word and guard myself from attacks from the great charmer, Satan. My prayer is that God uses their stories and gifts of leadership to help grow you closer to Him and for you to run to Him.

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